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Standard Sample Holder Thermo Scientific™

The ultimate high-resolution sample holder. Shipped as standard with every Thermo Scientifc™ Phenom™ Pure/Pro(X)/Pharos system. Optimized for best imaging results and able to accommodate 3D-samples mounted on standard sample pin stubs.

Meridian™ 7 System for Semiconductors Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Meridian™ 7 system provides visible laser voltage imaging and probing and dynamic laser stimulation on sub-10nm devices. By avoiding a requirement for ultra-thin substrates, it preserves the integrity and functionality of the device under test to provide a reliable and practical production solution. It offers a 25 percent optical resolution enhancement over the previous-generation system and has a smaller spot size for better fault localization. In addition, the new Meridian 7 system offers more certainty in navigation and computer-aided design (CAD) overlay, less cross-talk and higher waveform signal-to-noise.

Standard Sample Holder XL Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Standard Sample Holder for the Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ XL Desktop SEM is the compact stage allowing analysis of samples of up to 100 mm x 100 mm. In spite of this much larger sample size, a proprietary loading shuttle keeps the vent/load cycle to a minimum, which in practice enables a throughput that is a few factors higher than any comparable SEM system.

Meridian™ IV System for Semiconductors Thermo Scientific™

Meridian-IV system is the preferred choice for developers of advanced, low-voltage, high-density semiconductor devices requiring best-in-class performance and the ability to diagnose wide ranging failure modes, including parametric failures and those resulting from design-process marginalities.

Capabilities include standard best-in-class InGaAs-based emission detection or High sensitivity extended-wavelength DBX-based emission detection; Patented, industry-proven "Point & Click" Solid Immersion Lens (SIL); Inverted platform for easy ATE direct docking; Compatibility with most popular third-party EDA applications; Optional laser scanning microscope (LSM) for static and dynamic analysis; Works easily with packaged parts and wafer/die backside samples; Optional 350x long working distance SIL.

Tensile Sample Holder Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Tensile Sample Holder for Thermo Scientific™ Phenom XL. Tensile testing is one of the simplest and most widely used mechanical tests. By measuring the force required to elongate a specimen to breaking point, material properties can be determined that will allow designers and quality managers to predict how materials and products will behave in their intended applications.

ParticleMetric Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ Desktop SEM with Thermo Scientific™ ParticleMetric software allows easy generation and analysis of SEM images. The integrated ParticleMetric software allows the user to gather morphology and particle size data for many submicron particle applications. The fully automated measurements of ParticleMetric allow a level of visual exploration beyond optical microscopy that can lead to new discoveries and innovations in powder design, development, and quality control. 

Meridian™ M System for Semiconductors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Meridian™ M system system uses high sensitivity broadband DBX™ photon emission and Static Laser Stimulation techniques to pinpoint the location of electrical faults. Given results from wafer sort / chip probe, the Meridian M system delivers localization suitable for nanoprobing or imaging techniques such as SEM or TEM.

Custom-designed optics, a set of user-selectable wavelength ranges and low background noise allow Meridian M to be optimized for a variety of routine or challenging fault types, like large-area process variation in advanced memory devices that leads to anomalous leakage; high resistivity wordline to wordline or bitline to bitline shorts within memory cells; resistive faults in low voltage GPUs and other low-voltage logic circuits; and any weakly emitting faults requiring long integration time.

The Meridian M system accommodates full wafers in addition to packaged die, allowing FA engineers to compare good die to bad die, aiding interpretation of complex emission images.

Capabilities include highest sensitivity emission detection, for low VDD and low leakage; advanced constant-current and constant-voltage Static Laser Stimulation (SLS) techniques; Ability to detect thermal faults, including challenging high-ohmic shorts and electromigration.

Velox Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Velox™ user interface with its integrated design combines the comprehensive access to the microscope optics and detectors to provide superior experimental control for the highest reproducibility, yield and best support for quantitative S/TEM studies in material science. The Thermo Scientific Velox software includes a unique software package for XEDS applications in combination with SuperX and DualX detector systems. A robust mapping engine combines multiple techniques optimized for transmission electron microscopy. On the fly drift correction, recursive mapping, indpendent channel readout, unique absorption correction with holder compensation: these techniques ensure that best in class EDS spectrum images can be acquired with the highest yield.

Hyperion™ System for Semiconductors Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Hyperion II System offers fast, accurate transistor probing for electrical characterization and fault localization in support of semiconductor technology development, yield engineering and device reliability improvement. The unparalleled stability of the Hyperion II System enables nanoprobing down to the 10nm technology node and beyond. The Hyperion II System’s SPM technology enables PicoCurrent imaging, which is a technique to rapidly identify shorts, opens, leakage paths and resistive contacts with more than 1,000 times the sensitivity of passive voltage contrast. The scanning capacitance microscopy (SCM) module provides image-based fault localization for SOI wafers, as well as high-resolution dopant profiling.

Meridian S Inverted Static Optical Fault Isolation System Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Meridian™ S Inverted Static Optical Fault Isolation System enables Failure Analysis engineers in fabs and service labs to localize electrical faults in semiconductor devices. It offers high-sensitivity Static Laser Stimulation (IR-OBIRCH) and Photon Emission capabilities for the identification of electrical shorts and areas of leakage, in addition to the characterization of device activity via non-destructive analysis. The Meridian S System was designed for upgradability to higher sensitivity Photon Emission and Dynamic OFI techniques to maximize value and productivity.

Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder Thermo Scientific™

Revealing the hidden treasures of all features on your sample is now possible with the Thermo Scientific™ Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder. Samples can have lines and holes, or have multi-layer structures. The new Motorized Tilt & Rotation Sample Holder allows analysis of the sample from all visible sides and enables a unique 3D image of your sample.

Phenom™ Quartz PCI/CFR Software Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ Quartz PCI/CFR Software, available on all Phenom Desktop SEMs including the Thermo Scientific Phenom Pro, ProX, XL G2, and Pharos Desktop SEMs, helps you meet the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. The integration of the Phenom Desktop SEM with the Quartz PCI/CFR Software allows direct acquisition of both navigational (optical) camera and SEM images. This significantly reduces the complexity of your standard operating procedures (SOPs), ensuring compliance with data integrity requirements.

MAPS Thermo Scientific™

Maps is a modular software application for automated acquisition of high resolution images from large areas, that converts your instrument into a high throughput image data production device.

Phenom Programming Interface Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Phenom™ Programming Interface expands the capabilities of the Phenom Desktop SEM by controlling the microscope’s functions via a script. For example, stage movements, navigation camera, and SEM imaging can be accessed and controlled.

Charge Reduction Sample Holder Thermo Scientific™

This sample holder is designed to reduce sample charging and eliminate extra sample preparation of non-conductive samples. Imaging samples such as paper, polymers, organic materials, ceramics, glass and coatings becomes fast and trouble free.
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