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Frosted Microscope Slides Thermo Scientific™

Easily write on or label a slide with the Thermo Scientific™ Frosted Microscope Slides, featuring a sandblast or etch frosted 3/4″ tab with a smooth frosted finish that can be used for marking specimens or patient identification. The frosted end is easy to write on or can be used for slide labels as well. This feature is available on both sides of the slide with our double-frosted slides. Laboratory applications include Hematology, Microbiology, and Urinalysis.

Superfrost™ Plain and Frosted Clipped Corner Microscope Slides Thermo Scientific™

Reduce accumulation of glass chips within instrumentation using Thermo Scientific™ Superfrost™ Plain and Frosted Clipped Corner Microscope Slides. Ideal for histology, hematology and microbiology applications, the 45° clipped corners enable ease of handling.

Colormark™ Plus Adhesion Slides Thermo Scientific™

View etched patient information with higher visibility with the contrasting background color of Thermo Scientific™ Colormark™ Slides and Colormark Plus™ Adhesion Microscope Slides when used with the Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ MicroWriter™ Slide Labeler and TBS Shur/Mark™ Slide Labeler. Colormark and Colormark Plus slides feature a 3/4 in. Superfrost or Colorfrost tab on the front with a contrasting dark tab on the back side of the slide so that the slides can be permanently etched with automated slide etching instruments. Colormark Plus Adhesion Microscope Slides hold tissue sections on permanently without the need for expensive coatings in IHC and Anatomical Pathology applications.

SuperChip™ Microarray Slides Thermo Scientific™

Choose Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides for microarrays, a collection of DNA spots, cell spots, or antibody spots arrayed in high number and density on microarrays on a solid glass surface substrate. Several chemistries are available on Ultra Clean, ES, or HD surfaces.

Shandon™ Colormark™ Plus Slides Thermo Scientific™

Improve cellular adhesion with positively charged Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ ColorMark™ Plus Slides. Designed for use with the MicroWriter™ Slide Labeler.

Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ II CC2™ Chamber Slide System Thermo Scientific™

Enable cell growth (e.g. neurons) directly on an aminated glass slide with the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ II CC2™ Chamber Slide System, which features a chemically modified CC2 growth surface that mimics the characters of polylysine coating. Available in 1-, 2-, 4-, and 8-well formats with removable media chambers.

Petrographic Microscope Slides Thermo Scientific™

Use Thermo Scientific™ Petrographic Microscope Slides with optical mineralogy in thin section and electron microprobes of individual grains. All Petrographic slides are manufactured with precision ground edges from the finest white glass and are selected for uniform quality.

SuperChip™ Microarray Slides Thermo Scientific™

Choose from several standard surface chemistries and custom coatings with Thermo Scientific™ SuperChip™ Microarray Slides. Slides are manufactured from high-quality, ultra-flat, low-fluorescence glass.

RA Lamb Horizontal Slide Rack, holds 60 slides Thermo Scientific™

Store and protect up to 60 microscope slides with the high-quality Thermo Scientific™ RA Lamb Horizontal Slide Rack.

CoverWell™ Imaging Chamber Gasket Invitrogen™

CoverWell imaging chamber gaskets incorporate a thin, UV-transparent plastic cover, making them ideal for fluorescence microscopy and image analysis. The watertight chambers that form under the covers support and stabilize thick and free-floating specimens, allowing resolution of fine internal structures without the compression or movement artifacts normally seen with ordinary coverslips.

Coverslip Mini-Rack, for 8 coverslips Invitrogen™

Our coverslip mini-rack is a miniature support designed to vertically hold eight standard round or square coverslips. The mini-rack fits easily into a standard 50 mL beaker and can accommodate a small stir bar beneath the rack. Use of the mini-rack eliminates the necessity for repeatedly moving coverslips between solutions with forceps. The mini-rack is handy for sequential wash steps where thorough dilution and removal of material from the coverslips is critical. The mini-rack is low-binding, withstands strong acids and bases, is not damaged by heat and may be sterilized by a variety of methods such as autoclaving, organic solvent treatment or ethylene oxide exposure. The mini-rack is easily disassembled for cleaning and storage.

Premium Superfrost™ and Premium Plain Microscope Slides

Achieve consistent results and facilitate interpretation with the Thermo Scientific™ Premium Superfrost™ and Premium Plain Slides, which are manufactured through a unique proprietary cleaning process. This process allows these slides to perform well in routine histology and microbiology applications, and specifically in hematology applications, by delivering consistently crisp, feathered-edge blood smears with good morphology.

Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide System Thermo Scientific™

Grow, stain, and examine cells directly on the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Lab-Tek™ Chamber Slide™, which consists of a polystyrene media chamber attached to a microscopic slide. Slide surface is specially treated for adherent cell culture. Choose either specialty washed Soda Lime Glass slide or cell attachment optimized Permanox Plastic slide. Media chamber is easily removable without the need for a tool.

Selectfrost™ Adhesion Slides Thermo Scientific™

Fisherbrand™ Selectfrost™ Adhesion Slides are available in a variety of colors.

LifterSlips™ Cover Slips for Microarray Slides Thermo Scientific™

Accommodate various hybridization solution volumes with Thermo Scientific™ LifterSlip™ Cover Slips for Microarray Slides. This product prevents glass-to-glass contact between cover slip and microarray.
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