Gas Analyzer Systems

Multi-component instruments and accessories that allow for the simultaneous analysis of over 100 gas species, or specific subsets of gases selected for specialized applications.
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Antaris™ IGS Gas Analyzer Thermo Scientific™
Simultaneously analyze more than 100 gas species using the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ IGS Gas Analyzer. Developed with input from industry market leaders to solve specific gas analysis needs, this multi-component gas analyzer provides research-grade performance, speed and sensitivity in a package...
MAX-iR FTIR Gas Analyzers Thermo Scientific™
The Thermo Scientific™ MAX-iR™ FTIR Gas Analyzer is designed to meet the challenges of in-line process, batch sampling, gas purity/certification, emissions testing, and ambient air monitoring applications.
The Thermo Scientific™ EMS-10™ Continuous Emissions Monitoring System is a fully automated four-channel stack emission monitoring system designed specifically for hot wet samples. The EMS-10 system can quantify 10-100+ compounds down to single digit ppb while maintaining short cycle times, using...
The Thermo Scientific™ MAX-iAQ™ is a fully automated 20-point ambient air monitoring solution for low-level detection of trace compounds, even in high humidity environments. The MAX-iAQ system can quantify 1-100+ compounds down to single digit ppb using advanced Thermo Scientific™ StarBoost™...
The Thermo Scientific™ MAX-Bev™ CO2 Purity Monitoring System is a fully automated system designed to analyze carbonation streams for all gaseous impurities using state-of-the-art FTIR technology. Learn how our CO2 purity monitoring solutions help meet rigorous regulatory standards for beverage-grade...
Antaris™ IGS Gas Cells Thermo Scientific™
Built to meet the needs of industrial customers, the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ IGS Gas Cells are multi-pass cells that provide superior FT-IR gas analysis capabilities. Optimized for integration with the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ IGS Gas Analyzer, the Antaris IGS Gas Cells combine industrial...
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Now that spring is here, consider these five tips and tricks for bringing your gas analyzers up to optimal performance and for keeping your facility in compliance:, Many Thermo Scientific gas analyzers have a maximum operating temperature and exceeding the recommended temperatures can result in...
Industrial process applications from in-process monitoring to end-product quality assurance can benefit from the MAX-iR analyzer’s ability to detect down to single-digit ppb while simultaneously measuring for impurities in real-time.
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Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer
Analysis Methods for the Antaris IGS Gas Analyzer