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TQ Analyst™ Pro Edition Software Thermo Scientific™

Unlock the full potential of near-infrared (NIR) using the intuitive approach to sample identification, verification, and qualitative and quantitative analysis of the Thermo Scientific™ TQ Analyst™ Professional Edition Software.

Designed for spectroscopists of all experience levels, the TQ Analyst Pro Software is a comprehensive method development platform with all the performance and flexibility to develop robust methods. It offers a complete set of tools for spectral measurement, classification and quantitative analysis.

Smart SAGA™ (Specular Apertured Grazing Angle) Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Perform superior grazing incidence analysis of sub-micron films on metallic substrates with the Thermo Scientific™ Smart SAGA™ Accessory, which is easy to use and includes great sample area discrimination. With the Smart SAGA Accessory, just lay your sample flat on the horizontal sampling serve, position it using the laser-engraved grid, turn the wheel to set the aperture size and scan!

Smart Diffuse Reflectance FT-IR Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory™ maximizes the collection of diffusely scattered radiation, while minimizing the specular effect, resulting in the highest quality spectral results. With the Smart Diffuse Reflectance accessory, a wide variety of samples can be analyzed with a minimum amount of sample preparation. With a slight amount of grinding and mixing with potassium bromide (KBr), samples of almost any type provide high quality spectra for qualitative or quantitative analysis.

Smart OMNI-Sampler™ Germanium ATR Sampling Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Smart OMNI-Sampler is a good choice when you need to make fast and simple measurements but face a wide range of different sample types—solids or liquids. The Smart OMNI-Sampler is a single reflection Germanium ATR sampling accessory that fulfills a wide array of application needs. In addition to routine solids and liquids, it facilitates the analysis of difficult samples, such as dark carbon-filled samples, single polymer beads, hard rigid polymers, and coatings on glass substrates. The Smart OMNI-Sampler is a cost effective alternative to diamond sampling accessories. It is as easy to use as “position, click, and scan”.

Collector™ II Diffuse Reflectance Accessory Thermo Scientific™

The Collector II is one of the most advanced and versatile accessories for Diffuse Reflectance Infrared analysis. It meets the needs of R and D laboratories that need a versatile sampling accessory.

FT-IR Polymer Analysis Kits Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FT-IR Polymer Analysis Kits provide a rapid, inexpensive way to monitor chemical and physical parameters of polymers critical to your process or product quality. Whether you need to verify the correct co-polymer blend ratio or quantify the amount of release agent, UV stabilizer, or other additives in your materials, there is a polymer analysis configuration that’s right for you. The Polymer Analysis Kits can help ensure your raw materials, intermediates or finished products comply with your quality standards.

Smart Multi-Bounce Combination Kit I (for Liquids & Solids) Thermo Scientific™

Obtain high-quality infrared spectra without sample preparation with the Thermo Scientific™ Smart Multi-Bounce HATR™ — saving you valuable time. Ideal for rapid quantitative and qualitative analyses, the Smart Multi-Bounce HATR has a small size, low volume crystal, yet delivers good sensitivity when a single-bounce accessory cannot. With a path length of 10.1μm, the Smart Multi-Bounce HATR provides accurate surface property information.

Si-Carb Sample Prep Kit Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ Si-Carb Sample Prep Kit is useful for preparing intractable samples, such as coatings, paints and hard polymers for diffuse reflectance analysis.

Antaris™ II Viscous Liquid Sampler for Antaris II FT-NIR Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

The Viscous Liquid Sampler for the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris II FT-NIR analyzer makes quick and reproducible quantitative analysis of viscous, non-reflective samples easy. The Viscous Liquid Sampler takes the time and hassle out of sampling high viscosity liquids such as syrups, pastes, and gels by eliminating cuvette, vial or tube filling and cleaning. Sampling of viscous materials for accurate quantitative analysis by transmission or transflectance requires a fixed pathlength. Traditionally pathlength was controlled by filling rigid sample containers which is a tedious, difficult and messy task that results in a slow and expensive analysis. The Viscous Liquid Sampler avoids these problems by allowing samples to be filled into a disposable polymer bag that can be simply thrown away after analysis.

Smart iTR™ Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) Sampling Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Eliminate sample preparation while retaining exceptional throughput with the ultra-high-performance, versatile Smart iTR Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) Sampling Accessory. Primarily designed for use with a single bounce diamond crystal, the Smart iTR Accessory also offers other options for full configurability. It provides exceptional sensitivity and IR throughput.

Smart ARK™ High-Energy Throughput Multi-Bounce HATR Plates and Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Smart ARK™ High-Energy Throughput Multi-Bounce HATR Plates and Accessories offer a wide variety of crystal types and angles to meet a variety of analytical needs.

Powder Sampling Cups and Vials for Antaris™ II for Antaris II NIR Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Sampling Cups and Vials provide consistent sample presentation to ensure reproducible diffuse reflectance measurements. Sampling Cups and Vials allow easy, reproducible diffuse reflectance measurements for powders, grains and granular solid samples using the Integrating Sphere module of the Antaris II™ FT-NIR analyzer.

ConservatIR™ FTIR External Reflection Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Easily perform spectral analysis on large objects, artwork, and paintings using the Thermo Scientific™ ConservatIR™ FTIR External Reflection Accessory. This accessory measures samples too large to fit into a Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ FTIR Spectrometer sample compartment. The articulated arm simplifies sample analysis for specular, diffuse and ATR measurements with the object in front, below or above the spectrometer sample compartment. The ConservatIR accessory comes standard with a specular/diffuse reflection sampling head, and a diamond ATR sampling head is available as an option.

Nicolet™ iS™ 50 modules Thermo Scientific™

Streamline your research and analysis with the flexibility and extended capabilities of the Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ iS™50 modules. Access ATR, Raman, and NIR modules at the touch of the button without manually changing system components.  

OMNIC™ Specta Software Thermo Scientific™

Quickly gather clear visual data as you work using the innovative identification and interpretation tools of Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Specta Software.

OMNIC Specta Software creates a database of spectral data through is a unique combination of spectral identification tools, interpretation algorithms, and scientific documentation that indexes information on your hard disk. The software guides you in identifying materials and verifying assumptions—eliminating typical analytical tasks—so you get answers quickly and confidently.
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