LC-MS Mass Spectrometers

LC-MS Mass Spectrometers

Instruments combining the liquid separation functionality of liquid chromatography instruments with the structural identification and mass analysis capabilities of mass spectrometers. Suited for biochemical, organic, and inorganic compound analysis.
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Orbitrap™ IQ-X™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Designed to unravel complex chemical structures while delivering the highest versatility and comprehensive workflow support for unknown compound ID and small molecule analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ IQ-X™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer empowers you to collect more meaningful data.

Orbitrap Eclipse™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Obtain high confidence insights for very complex molecules with the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Eclipse™ Tribrid™ mass spectrometer. It combines industry-leading versatility and usability with the exceptional performance afforded by its built-in intelligence and revolutionary Thermo Scientific™...

Orbitrap Exploris™ 120 Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Accelerate qualitative and quantitative confidence with consistently accurate data delivered by proven Thermo Scientific Orbitrap mass analyzer technology whether it's for method development or everyday testing.

Orbitrap Exploris™ 480 Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Maximize high-throughput performance in proteomics and biopharma applications with the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer. Where next level exploration delivers quantifiable accuracy, and selectivity required to obtain richer insights.

Orbitrap Exploris™ 240 Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

The power of leading performance. From small- to large-molecule analyses, the Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris 240 mass spectrometer delivers performance and versatility to drive discovery and identification with the quantitative precision and accuracy to confidently scale up while achieving...

Orbitrap Exploris™ MX mass detector Thermo Scientific™

Achieve routine mass monitoring in your biopharmaceutical laboratory with the fit-for-purpose Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ MX mass detector. This system is simple to operate and compliance ready with Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ Chromatography Data System (CDS).

Q Exactive™ Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Take Quanfirmation™ to the next level. The Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer introduced the revolutionary concept of Quanfirmation. The Q Exactive™ Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer takes Quanfirmation to the next level with increased...

MSQ Plus™ Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Upgrade to Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ EC/EM single quadrupole mass spectrometer. The Thermo Scientific™ MSQ Plus™ single quadrupole mass spectrometer has been discontinued, and has been replaced by the Thermo Scientific ISQ EC/EM single quadrupole mass spectrometer.

Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Meet your most challenging biological research objectives using the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer. This instrument combines the best of quadrupole, ion trap and Orbitrap mass analysis in a revolutionary Tribrid architecture to provide unprecedented depth of analysis...

LTQ XL™ Linear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Obtain high sensitivity full scan MS along with in-depth MSn (CRM) capabilities with the Thermo Scientific™ LTQ XL™ linear ion trap mass spectrometer. A single quadrupole offers Selected Ion Monitoring. A triple quadrupole adds Selected Reaction Monitoring.

Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer Thermo Scientific™

Screen, identify and quantify compounds in complex samples rapidly and with confidence using the Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ Plus Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer. This benchtop LC-MS system delivers high-resolution, accurate-mass (HR/AM) data and fast full-scan capabilities to increase your sample...

ISQ™ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

Adding mass spectrometry (MS) to your liquid chromatography (LC) analyses gives you access to the valuable data that only MS can provide. The new, easy-to-use ISQ™ EM Single Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer seamlessly integrates with LC systems for reliable, robust, and easy LC-MS routine analysis with...

Transcend™ Multichannel Systems Thermo Scientific™

Improve your LC-MS throughput and get faster return on investment with the Thermo Scientific™ Transcend™ System. The unique multichannel technology included within this UHPLC system increases mass spectrometer utilization by engaging up to four separate LC channels combined with one single mass...

Transcend™ Turboflow Systems Thermo Scientific™

Enable fast cleanup of complex matrices for accelerated online sample preparation, lower your laboratory costs, and improve data quality using Thermo Scientific Transcend TLX Systems with Turboflow technology.

Cascadion™ SM Clinical Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Utilize the accuracy of LC-MS/MS technology in a fully integrated solution designed to meet the regulatory requirements of clinical laboratories. The Thermo Scientific Cascadion SM Clinical Analyzer combines assays, software, accessories, consumables and support/service in a standalone system...
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