Automated Laboratory Robotics

Automated laboratory robotics systems are designed for rapid and accurate sample handling and analysis for a wide range of applications.
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F7 Robot System Thermo Scientific™
Combine the performance of an industrial robot with the application-driven benefits of a traditional Thermo Scientific laboratory robot. The Thermo Scientific™ F7 Robot has ± 0.02 mm repeatability at full, 5 kg payload and full speed within the entire robot work envelope ensures maximum accuracy and...
SampleArray™ Instrument Thermo Scientific™
Array sample tubes in 48-, 96-, or 384-format racks quickly and easily for optimal downstream sample processing. Compatible with applications that require sample handling down to -20°C, the Thermo Scientific™ SampleArray™ instrument can transport individual tubes without thawing precious samples.
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Automate demanding research projects in laboratories that demand flexibility, efficient use of space, and seamless integration of lab peripherals., Automate your scientific workflow easily with the Thermo Scientific Spinnaker robot.
Invitrogen ProcartaPlex and QuantiGene Plex assays offer the unique ability of a multi-omics high-throughput approach by utilizing the Luminex platform. Genomic and proteomic workflows can be combined without compromising data interpretation or sensitivity.
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Catalyst Express and Matrix Automated Liquid Handling
ARL SMS-2500 Automated Metals Analyzer for Ferrous Metals Applications