Automated Specimen Processing

Automated Specimen Processing

Automated specimen processing products include instruments, accessories, and software designed to facilitate the automated processing of samples in various applications and settings.
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NIMBUS™ Target Preparation Instrument Applied Biosystems™

We have partnered with Hamilton Robotics to provide you with the latest in ultra-compact and precision-based liquid-handling instrumentation. The NIMBUS Target Preparation Instrument is industry-recognized for its high-end manufacturing and superior pipetting performance at an affordable price.

Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument Applied Biosystems™

Quickly and easily concentrate pathogens and spoilage organisms from a wide range of food and environmental sample matrices for downstream testing by PCR, immunoassay or culture with Applied Biosystems™ Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument.

Pathatrix™ Sample Vessel Holder Applied Biosystems™

The Pathatrix™ Sample Vessel Holder is designed for use with the Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument. The apparatus holds the Sample Vessel and Elution Vessel and facilitates easy loading of the vessels with the sample and elution solution, respectively.

Pathatrix™ Elution Vessel Holder Applied Biosystems™

The Pathatrix™ Elution Vessel Holder is for use with the Pathatrix™ Auto Instrument. The device holds 5 Elution Vessels and each position of the rack features a magnet positioned for the rapid capture of the paramagnetic particles.

COPAN WASP™DT Instrument Accessories and Software

Build a more efficient microbiology laboratory and automate all aspects of specimen processing with COPAN WASP™DT Instrument Accessories and Software. Structure the modular system according to the unique needs of your laboratory, and choose from a variety of instrument accessories, from enrichment...