Slide Stainers and Accessories

Slide stainers and accessories are used to facilitate staining of slide-mounted samples. Products include staining solutions and equipment.
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eBioscience™ StainTray™ Invitrogen™

This StainTray™ may be used as a humidified, light-protected chamber for staining slides for immunohistochemistry or immunocytochemistry. The StainTray™ has a black base made of tough ABS plastic withstanding a wide range of chemicals (avoid chlorinated hydrocarbons).

Histogene™ Staining Solution Applied Biosystems™

This staining solution is for use with the ARCTURURS™ HistoGene™ LCM Frozen Section Staining Kit. Designed as a fast-penetrating stain, it provides excellent contrast while preserving nucleic acid integrity and retaining low-abundance mRNAs in frozen tissue sections intended for laser capture...