Tissue Clearing Agents

Tissue Clearing Agents

Tissue clearing agents are used to clarify or clear tissue samples for processing, staining, and other imaging procedures.
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Image-iT™ Plant Tissue Clearing Reagent Invitrogen™

Image-iT Plant Tissue Clearing Reagent is used to render whole-plant tissue optically clear for imaging. Image-iT Plant Tissue Hard-Set Mountant can then be used to mount and preserve the optically cleared whole-plant tissue for imaging, storage, and archiving.

CytoVista™ 2 mm Coronal Mouse Brain Slicer Invitrogen™

This 2-mm coronal mouse brain slicer allows you to easily cut a mouse brain into smaller pieces for easier imaging with objectives that have a limited working distance. This slicer is 3D-printed out of resin and can be easily washed and cleaned between uses.