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Cassette 1 Slotted Tissue Cassettes

Hold tissue specimens during processing and embedding with Epredia™ Tissue Cassettes I.

Cryomatrix™ embedding resin

Secure and support tissue with Epredia™ Cryomatrix™ embedding resin, an outstanding product used to support tissue for frozen sectioning.

Cryochrome™ Embedding Resin

Support tissue for frozen sectioning with Epredia™ Cryochrome™ embedding resin.

HistoGel™ Specimen Processing Gel

Encapsulate and retain even small, friable and viscous specimens during histological processing with Epredia™ HistoGel Specimen Processing Gel.

Shandon™ Disposable Base Molds Thermo Scientific™

Promote rapid paraffin hardening with Thermo Scientific™ Shandon™ Disposable Base Molds.

Neg-50™ Frozen Section Medium

Yield high-quality sections down to -50°C without chatter using Epredia; Neg-50™ Frozen Section Medium, a water-soluble frozen section medium.

Precision Cut Paraffin

Achieve thorough tissue infiltration and provide maximum support during microtomy with high-quality Epredia™ Paraffin.

Parapel™ Paraffin Repellent

Protect against excess buildup of wax on countertops and instrumentation with Epredia™ Parapel Paraffin Repellent.