Standard PCR Reagents and Kits

Standard PCR Reagents and Kits

These products include master mixes, polymerases, reagents, beads, reverse transcriptases, buffers, and kits for standard PCR procedures that do not require high specificity, fidelity, sensitivity, precise quantification, or yield.
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Taq DNA Polymerase, native, without BSA (5 U/µL) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Native Taq DNA Polymerase is a highly thermostable DNA polymerase of the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus. The enzyme catalyzes 5'→3' synthesis of DNA, has no detectable 3'→5' exonuclease (proofreading) activity and possesses low 5'→3' exonuclease activity.

QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR Master Mix v2 Applied Biosystems™

Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR Master Mix v2 is optimized for use with the QuantStudio™ 3D Digital PCR System. It is specifically formulated with all reagents required to help ensure robust PCR amplification of single copy templates.

AmpliTaq™ DNA Polymerase, LD (Low DNA) with Buffer I Applied Biosystems™

Applied Biosystems® AmpliTaq® DNA Polymerase, LD (Low DNA), is the same enzyme as AmpliTaq® DNA Polymerase, but is further purified through a proprietary separation process to ensure that residual bacterial DNA sequences are substantially reduced.

ThermoPrime Taq DNA Polymerase, with 10x buffer and separate vial of 25 mM MgCl2 Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific ThermoPrime Taq Taq Polymerase is a 94 kDa recombinant thermostable DNA polymerase obtained by high level expression of the Taq DNA polymerase gene in E. coli. A proprietary buffer component protects ThermoPrime DNA polymerase during high temperature steps, ensuring optimal...

TaqMan™ Genotyping Master Mix Applied Biosystems™

********************** Alternative Product: Try TaqPath ProAmp Master Mix, our newest and highest performing master mix for genotyping and copy number variation for accurate results, even from samples containing PCR inhibitors.

PCR SuperMix Invitrogen™

PCR SuperMix is a ready-to-use mixture of DNA polymerase, salts, magnesium, and dNTPs for efficient PCR amplification. Simply add template and primers, reducing set-up time by half. PCR SuperMix contains Mg2+, dNTPs, and recombinant Taq DNA Polymerase at concentrations sufficient for routine PCR of...

GeneAmp™ 10X PCR Buffer I, (2 x 75 mL) Applied Biosystems™

Applied Biosystems® GeneAmp® 10X PCR Buffer I is optimized for use with AmpliTaq® DNA Polymerase, resulting in robust PCR amplification. Optimized for use with AmpliTaq® DNA Polymerase offering maximum PCR performance • Available in several convenient sizes GeneAmp® 10X PCR Buffer I contains 15 mM...

TaqMan™ Sample-to-SNP™ Kit (20 mL sample prep, 10 mL PCR) Applied Biosystems™

The Applied Biosystems® TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit allows you to go from Biological Sample to Genotyping Results in less than one hour. The TaqMan® Sample-to-SNP™ Kit combines DNA extraction and TaqMan® chemistry-based genotyping in a streamlined protocol to provide results from any sample in less...

AmpliTaq Gold™ 360 Buffer Kit Applied Biosystems™

The AmpliTaq Gold® 360 Buffer Kit is used in conjunction with AmpliTaq Gold® 360 DNA Polymerase and is intended for those occasions when the quantity of reagents supplied with the enzyme are not sufficient. The kit includes 1.

AmpliTaq Gold™ 360 DNA Polymerase Applied Biosystems™

The Applied Biosystems® AmpliTaq Gold® 360 DNA Polymerase, when used with improved AmpliTaq Gold 360 Buffer, and the optional 360 GC Enhancer, amplifies a vast range of DNA sequence contexts. AmpliTaq Gold® 360 DNA Polymerase delivers 360° coverage for a full range of targets.

GeneAmp™ Fast PCR Master Mix (2X) Applied Biosystems™

The GeneAmp® Fast PCR Master Mix, with its sensitive, pre-mixed hot-start chemistries, reduces PCR reaction time to as little as 25 minutes when used with the Veriti® 96-Well Thermal Cycler. Features of this master mix: • Set up reactions quickly, using premixed reagents • Detect a single copy of a...

Taq DNA Polymerase, native Invitrogen™

Taq DNA Polymerase is a thermostable enzyme that synthesizes DNA from single-stranded templates in the presence of dNTPs and a primer. The enzyme consists of a single polypeptide with a molecular weight of 94 kDa. It has a 5´→3´ DNA polymerase activity and a 5´→3´ exonuclease activity (see figure).

AccuPrime™ Taq DNA Polymerase System Invitrogen™

The AccuPrime™ Taq DNA Polymerase System provides reagents for amplification of nucleic acid templates with an antibody-mediated, hot-start protocol for improved PCR specificity over other hot-start DNA polymerases (see figure).

CLA IdentiFiler™ Plus PCR Amplification Kit Applied Biosystems™

The CLA (Cell Line Authentication) IdentiFiler Plus PCR Amplification Kit simplifies the amplification step during authentication of cell lines. It includes the same primers and allelic ladder as the widely used AmpFLSTR Identifiler Plus kit and harnesses next-generation PCR amplification technology...

SuperScript™ IV RT-LAMP Master Mix Invitrogen™

Invitrogen SuperScript IV RT-LAMP Master Mix is a solution designed for fast, sensitive, and simple RNA target detection in loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reactions. Request a sample › Features of SuperScript IV RT-LAMP Master Mix include: • Fast RNA target detection using evolved Bst...
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