Additional Selective and  Differential Culture Media

Additional Selective and Differential Culture Media

Additional selective and differential culture media have a varied array of formulations designed to support the proliferation and growth of cells.
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Liver Perfusion Medium (1X) Gibco™

Liver Perfusion Medium is a buffered, balanced salt solution formulated to cleanse the liver of blood, prevent clotting, and initiate loosening of cell-to-cell contact.

Liver Digest Medium Gibco™

Liver Digest Medium is a collagenase-dispase medium for dissociation of viable liver cells.

HepatoZYME-SFM Gibco™

Hepatozyme-SFM is a serum-free medium for the long-term maintenance of hepatocyte phenotypic expression, including active and inducible forms of cytochromes P450 and active phase II enzymes. Contains no phenol red.

AmnioMAX™ C-100 Basal Medium Gibco™

Gibco® AmnioMAX™ C-100 Basal Medium is part of a kit used to prepare a fully-supplemented Gibco® AmnioMAX™ C-100 Complete Medium developed for the short term culture of human amniotic fluid cells for cytogenetic studies and in vitro diagnostic procedures.