Viral Vaccine Cell Culture Media

Viral vaccine cell culture media are specifically designed for use in viral production processes. These products may include media, kits, viral production cells, and packaging plasmids.
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OptiPRO™ SFM Gibco™

OptiPRO™ SFM is a serum-free, animal origin-free culture medium designed for growth of several kidney-derived cell lines including MDBK, MDCK, PK-15 and VERO for virus or recombinant protein production.

Viral Production Cells Gibco™

Gibco Viral Production Cells are a derivative of the HEK 293F cell line and are a core component of the LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System. Viral Production Cells have been adapted to a special chemically-defined, serum-free and protein-free LV-MAX Production Medium.

LV-MAX™ Lentiviral Packaging Mix

LV-MAX Lentiviral Packaging Mix is an optimized single formulation containing a defined mixture of three packaging plasmids: pLP1, pLP2, and pLP/VSVG. These three plasmids, when expressed in an HEK293 cell line, supply the necessary lentiviral structural and replication proteins in trans.

CTS™ Viral Production Cells Gibco™

CTS Viral Production Cells are derived from the human HEK293 cell line and are a core component of the CTS LV-MAX lentiviral production system to produce maximal lentiviral titers. The cells allow high density, serum-free suspension culture with minimal cell clumping in CTS LV-MAX Production Medium.

LV-MAX™ Production Medium Gibco™

Gibco LV-MAX Production Medium is a chemically defined, serum-free, protein-free medium, specially developed for high-density growth and transfection of Gibco Viral Production Cells (suspension-adapted HEK 293-derived cells) promoting high-titer lentiviral production.

CD BHK-21 Production Medium Gibco™

Gibco® CD BHK-21 Production Medium is a chemically defined, protein-free cell culture medium. It is designed to support the growth of BHK-21 cells in serum-free suspension culture. This medium is suitable for large-scale manufacturing applications.

AAV-MAX™ Helper-Free AAV Production System Kit Gibco™

The Gibco AAV-MAX Helper-Free AAV Production System is a scalable, high-titer platform for suspension AAV production. It is based on a high-density suspension culture of clonal 293F-derived Viral Production Cells 2.0 in Viral Production Medium.

LV-MAX™ Lentiviral Production System Gibco™

The Gibco LV-MAX Lentiviral Production System is the first optimized system that provides a scalable and high-yield lentiviral vector production platform. It is based on a suspension, high-density culture of HEK 293-derived Viral Production Cells adapted to a special chemically defined, serum-free...