Nucleic Acid Introduction Reagents

Nucleic acid introduction reagents are products and kits used to introduce nucleic acids into cells, yeast, bacteria, and other microorganisms via transfection and chemical transformations. These products include reagents and kits for transfection, chemical transformation, and electroporation transformation.
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Pichia Expression Kit, original kit Invitrogen™

The Original Pichia Expression Kit is designed for high-level expression of recombinant protein in the yeast Pichia pastoris. The vectors carry the HIS4 gene for selection of transformants on histidine-deficient medium.

FreeStyle™ CHO-S Cells Gibco™

FreeStyle™ CHO-S Cells are part of the FreeStyle™ MAX Expression System, which is a breakthrough technology for rapid and high-yield mammalian protein production. This cell line is adapted to high density, serum-freesuspension culture in FreeStyle™ CHO Expression Medium and iscapable of producing...

Lipofectamine™ Stem Transfection Reagent Invitrogen™

Lipofectamine Stem Transfection Reagent is optimized to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal early differentiation in a wide range of stem cells. It can co-deliver DNA, RNA, and Cas9 ribonucleoprotein (RNP) complexes.

CTS™ LV-MAX™ Transfection Kit Gibco™

The Gibco CTS LV-MAX Transfection Kit is an essential component of the CTS LV-MAX lentiviral production system. Based on extensive Design of Experiment (DOE) methodologies, the cationic lipid-based transfection reagent, lentiviral production supplement, and LV enhancer are specifically screened for...

Opti-Plex™ Complexation Buffer Gibco™

Opti-Plex Complexation Buffer is a cGMP-manufactured, chemically defined, animal origin-free (AOF), methionine-free, biotin-free, low-protein transfection complexation buffer based on Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Medium.

ExpiFectamine™ 293 Met (–) Transfection Kit Gibco™

The ExpiFectamine 293 Met (–) Transfection Kit is a core component of the Expi293 Protein Labeling Kit for rapid, high-yield transient protein expression from Expi293F cells for applications where labelling of methionine residues in proteins is desired.

CTS™ Xenon™ Electroporation Buffer, bag Gibco™

Gibco CTS Xenon Electroporation Buffer is designed specifically for use with the Xenon Electroporation System. It is a universal buffer that supports the transfection of a variety human primary cells and payloads (e.g.

AAV-MAX Transfection Kit Gibco™

The Gibco AAV-MAX Transfection Kit is an essential component of the AAV-MAX Helper-Free AAV Production System. It is formulated for the transient transfection of Viral Production Cells 2.0. The kit includes a cationic lipid-based transfection reagent, as well as a transfection booster and production...

Viral-Plex™ Complexation Buffer, prototype Gibco™

Gibco Viral-Plex Complexation Buffer, prototype, is a chemically defined, protein-free, phenol red-free buffer for complexing plasmid DNA with transfection reagent for standard transfection applications.

Silencer™ siRNA Transfection II Kit Invitrogen™

This Ambion™ kit is for the optimization of transfection protocols for specific cell types. It includes 0.4 mL of each of two transfection agents; siPORT™ Amine Transfection Agent and siPORT™ NeoFX™ Transfection Agent along with control siRNAs.

Jump In™ T-REx™ HEK 293 Kit Thermo Scientific™

The Jump-In™ T-REx™ HEK293 Kit allows the targeted integration of genetic material into a specific pre-engineered R4 site in the Jump-In™ HEK293 cell line, to create an inducible isogenic stable cell line with less effort and in less time than traditional cell engineering methods.

Expi293™ Expression System Kit Gibco™

The Expi293 Expression System is a complete solution for rapid, high-yield protein production from mammalian 293 cells. It is based on integrated components including high-density Expi293F cells in Expi293 Expression Medium and the cationic lipid-based ExpiFectamine 293 transfection reagent in...

Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent with PLUS™ Reagent Invitrogen™

Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent is a plasmid transfection reagent that offers the right balance of potency and gentleness for your cells, resulting in the highest possible transfection efficiencies and viabilities.

Lipofectamine™ CRISPRMAX™ Cas9 Transfection Reagent Invitrogen™

Lipofectamine CRISPRMAX Cas9 Transfection Reagent is the first optimized lipid nanoparticle transfection reagent for CRISPR-Cas9 protein delivery. It is a high-throughput-friendly, cost-effective alternative to electroporation.

BLOCK-iT™ Transfection Kit Invitrogen™

The BLOCK-iT™ Transfection Kit contains everything you need for successful high-efficiency transfection of siRNA into cells. Each kit contains Lipofectamine™ 2000 Transfection Reagent for efficient delivery in a broad range of cell lines and the BLOCK-iT™ Fluorescent Oligo for use as an indicator of...