Cellular Imaging

Cellular Imaging

Instruments, enhancement products, software, consumables, accessories, and other supplies for capturing images of cell samples for clinical, research, and general-purpose laboratory applications. Includes lenses, onstage vessel holders, cell counters, etc.
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EVOS™ XL Core Imaging System

The EVOS XL Core Imaging System is a digital, transmitted light, inverted imaging system for cell and tissue culture applications and routine cell maintenance. Its color camera and high-quality optical system deliver high-definition images with exceptional ease.

Countess™ 3 FL Automated Cell Counter Starter Package + ABRC Extended Warranty Invitrogen™

The Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter is a benchtop assay platform equipped with state-of-the-art optics, fully automated focus and lighting capability, and image analysis software driven by a neural network-based machine-learning algorithm, for rapid assessment of primary and immortalized cell...

FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station

The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station is an affordable, user-friendly imaging solution for the quick detection and verification of fluorescently-labeled samples. The FLoid™ Cell Imaging Station captures transmitted light and three-color fluorescent images of your cells and samples right at your benchtop.

Fluorescein - Reference Standard Invitrogen™

Fluorescein can be used as a reference standard for ether, ester and phosphate substrates derived from this green-fluorescent dye. See our full collection of microscope calibration reagents ›

CytoVista™ 3D Cell Culture Clearing Reagent Invitrogen™

CytoVista 3D Cell Culture Clearing Reagent clears fluorescently labeled 3D cultured cells such as organoids and spheroids. This clearing process enables sharp and bright 3D fluorescent imaging for depths up to 1000 µm.

Onstage Incubator for CellInsight CX7 HCA Platform Thermo Scientific™

The invitrogen Onstage Incubator for the CellInsight CX7 High Content Analysis (HCA) Platform is an environmental chamber designed specifically for the CellInsight CX7 series platforms. As an optional module, it enables precise control of temperature, humidity, and three gases for time-lapse imaging...

Secure-Seal™ Spacer, 8 wells, 9 mm diameter, 0.12 mm deep Invitrogen™

Secure-Seal™ adhesive spacers are removable hydrophobic barriers that provide researchers with the ultimate in flexibility for isolating specimens. They may be used to isolate cells grown in culture dishes or to separate specimens on microscopy slides during staining procedures.

Olympus™ 60X Oil Objective, X-Apo, 1.42NA/0.15WD Thermo Scientific™

This 60X apochromat objective is from the new Olympus X line with exceptional optical performance. Through new manufacturing technology, the X-Apo objectives offer improved performance compared to standard Apo objectives in several critical areas: larger numerical aperture (NA), better image...

Image-iT™ Fixation/Permeabilization Kit Invitrogen™

The Image-iT™ Fixation/Permeabilization Kit is a convenient-to-use fixation/permeabilization kit that contains all the necessary reagents to prepare your cells for antibody staining and imaging. The high quality components help preserve cell morphology and reduce background staining and come in a...

FocalCheck™ Microspheres, 15 µm, fluorescent green/orange/dark-red ring stains Invitrogen™

The sharp ring stains exhibited by the 15 µm FocalCheck™ fluorescent green/orange/dark-red ring stained microspheres produce a striking visual representation of instrument misalignment or other aberrations making them ideal as reference standards for confocal laser-scanning microscopy.

HybriWell™ Hybridization Sealing System, 40 mm x 21 mm chamber, 0.15 mm deep Invitrogen™

The HybriWell hybridization sealing system is a coverslip—seal combination that forms chambers optimized for in situ hybridization work. Each disposable incubation chamber seals securely to a microscope slide, providing a limited-volume chamber for reagent addition.

InSpeck™ Red (580/605) Microscope Image Intensity Calibration Kit, 2.5 µm Invitrogen™

The InSpeck™ Red Microscopy Image Intensity Calibration Kit provides microsphere standards that generate a series of well-defined fluorescent intensity levels for constructing calibration curves and evaluating sample brightness. Each kit includes six separate suspensions of 2.

Celleste™ 3D Analysis Module, network license (includes one seat) Invitrogen™

This Celleste 3D Analysis Module, network license (includes one seat), helps visualize complex 3D objects using guided segmentation designed to facilitate identification and measurements. This module will enable users to threshold and generate iso-surfaces as well as measure distances, volumes, and...

EVOS™ Onstage Vessel Holder, two 60-mm Petri dishes

EVOS Onstage vessel holders maximize your choice of cell culture vessels when conducting time-lapse imaging experiments using the EVOS FL Auto Imaging System equipped with an EVOS Onstage Incubator. EVOS Onstage vessel holders allow a perfect fit of your micro-well plates or cell culture...

CellInsight™ CX7 LZR Pro High Content Screening Platform Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro High Content Screening (HCS) Platform is a fast, laser light engine-based, automated cellular imaging and analysis platform designed for life scientists who require on-the-fly quantitative analysis.