Modifying Enzyme Buffers

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Kinase Quench Buffer

Kinase Quench Buffer (500 mM EDTA) is an essential component for kinase assays using LanthaScreen® technology. The Kinase Quench Buffer is used to stop the kinase reaction.

5X Kinase Buffer A Invitrogen™

The 5X Kinase Buffer A is a concentrated general kinase assay buffer that can be used with a variety of assay technologies such as, LanthaScreen™, Adapta™, and Z’-LYTE™ assays. Ready to use and validated with LanthaScreen™, Adapta™, and Z’LYTE™ assays • Optimized 5X concentrated formulation •...

Kinase Buffer S (5X)

Kinase buffer that has been specially optimized for use with LRRK2 and LRRK2 mutants.