Restriction Enzyme Buffers

Reaction buffers specially formulated for use with laboratory procedures that employ restriction enzymes. Buffer solutions facilitate the full activation of one or more restriction enzymes during molecular applications such as restriction digestion.
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Anza™ Buffer Set Invitrogen™

The Invitrogen™ Anza™ Buffer Set includes both the Anza™ Buffer (10X) and the Anza™ Red Buffer (10X). The Anza buffers are proprietary buffer forumulations for use with the Anza™ Restriction Enzyme Cloning System.

Reaction Buffer for phi29 DNA Polymerase (10X) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific 10X Buffer for phi29 DNA Polymerase is the optimal buffer recommended for use with highly processive phi 29 DNA polymerase.

FastDigest Green Buffer (10X) Thermo Scientific™

The 10X FastDigest Green Buffer is a proprietary digestion buffer which supports 100% activity of all FastDigest restriction enzymes. DNA/RNA modifying enzymes, such as ligases, phosphatases, kinases and mesophilic DNA polymerases also have 100% activity in FastDigest Green Buffer.