Haemophilis Testing

Haemophilis testing products and supplies are designed for the detection of Haemophilis species bacteria in clinical samples.
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Thermo Scientific™ Remel Haemophilus Identification Test Kit is used for determination of growth requirements and porphyrin production by Haemophilus spp.
Thermo Scientific™ Remel Microring XV is an identification system for Haemophilus spp. using X, V and XV factors plus porphyrin test.
Oxoid™ X Factor Discs Thermo Scientific™
Perform identification of Haemophilus spp. with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid X Factor Discs.
Oxoid™ X + V Factor Disc Thermo Scientific™
Oxoid X + V Factor Disc is used for identification of Haemophilus spp.
Oxoid™ V Factor Discs Thermo Scientific™
Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid V Factor Disc is used for identification of Haemophilus spp.
Remel Agglutinating Sera are used for serological identification of H. influenzae by rapid slide agglutination test and CIE procedures.
Denka Seiken Agglutinating Sera are packaged 2mL per vial.
ALA Disk Thermo Scientific™
Rapidly differentiate Haemophilus species on the basis of the detection of porphyrin synthesis using Thermo Scientific™ Remel™ ALA Disk. In 1974, Kilian described a rapid method for identification of X-factor independent Haemophilus spp. based on the ability to synthesize heme precursors from ALA1.
Phadebact™ Haemophilus Test is a slide co-agglutination test used for confirmatory identification of Haemophilus influenzae.