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Instruments, reagents, kits, calibration supplies, replacement parts, and accessories for clinical and specialty chemistry testing of samples. Products include discrete analyzers, genetic analyzers, and a variety of controls for instrument calibration.
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Produce results quickly with sample-oriented testing utilizing the Thermo Scientific™ Indiko™ Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, enhancing the quality of patient care. The Indiko analyzer is a fully automated, bench-top system for clinical chemistry and specialty testing, which, once loaded, provides true...
Gallery™ Discrete Analyzer Thermo Scientific™
Designed to increase efficiency for photometric (colorimetric and enzymatic) and electrochemical (pH and conductivity) analysis, the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Discrete Analyzer provides fast, reproducible results in a compact, benchtop design.
Save time by eliminating reagent preparation with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ system reagents for food and beverage analysis. Over 50 ready-to-use gallery system reagents are offered for food and beverage analysis, with the kits including two to four reagents in 20 mL barcoded vials.
Save time by eliminating reagent preparation with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ system reagents for environmental testing, such as water (clean water, wastewater, soil and sludge digests, effluents, and saline) and industrial (process water) analysis.
Experience an uncompromised level of performance and ease of use with the Thermo Scientific™ Indiko™ Plus Clinical Chemistry Analyzer. This fully-automated random access benchtop system for clinical and specialty chemistry testing, combined with system reagents and consumables form a...
Experience simultaneous analysis of multiple analytes with the discrete cell technology of the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus discrete analyzer. This fully automated, high-capacity analyzer provides fast, reproducible results and has an integrated platform that offers two measurement techniques,...
Automate labor-intensive and time-consuming beer, cider, malt, and wort testing with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Beermaster Discrete Analyzer. Using discrete cell technology, the analyzer simultaneously automates the determination of analytes including beta-glucan, FAN, and SO2 from the...
Maximize your productivity with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Aqua Master discrete analyzer, a high-throughput, fully automated, discrete photometric analyzer for water, nutrient and agricultural testing.
Improve safety and efficiency in various types of clinical laboratories with Thermo Scientific™ TCAutomation™ Laboratory Automation Solutions. This expandable and scalable, fully-featured laboratory automation solution allows labor-intensive tasks in pre- and post-analytical phases of sample...
Ensure uninterrupted performance of the Thermo Scientific™ MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer with a good supply of Thermo Scientific MGC 240 Benchtop Analyzer Consumables.
The Luminex 200 Calibration Kit is for use with the Luminex 200 System and contains xMAP calibrators for the MagPlex and MicroPlex classification channels and a calibrator for the reporter channel. A lot-specific CD is also included for importing target values.
Gallery Plus Enzyme Master Thermo Scientific™
Experience the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ Plus Enzyme Master - the first automated discrete analyzers designed specifically for enzyme assay applications. The custom-designed software, reagent additions, incubations, and measurements are fully automated, which saves time, eliminates manual error,...
The Luminex 200 Performance Verification Kit is for use with the Luminex 200 System and contains xMAP controls used to verify calibration of the MagPlex and MicroPlex classification channels and reporter channel.
This is a spare part for the 3100 Genetic Analyzer. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostics procedures.
D-Glucose + D-Fructose + Sucrose R1-R4 1000 tests R1 3 x 45mL R2-R4 3 x 13mL Ship and Store 2-8degC Do Not Freeze
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Uniquely designed as a complete, cost effective solution for clinical laboratory testing, the Thermo Scientific Indiko and Indiko Plus are fully-automated, random-access bench top analyzers for labs of any size.
Designed for today's fast-paced laboratories, the Mindray BS-480 and BA-800M chemistry analyzers are versatile workhorses offering mid to high volume throughput. The wide drugs of abuse testing menu serves the needs of clinical laboratories and criminal justice and forensics drug court programs.
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