Dehydrated Microbiology Media

Dehydrated Microbiology Media

Dehydrated microbiology media is used for the cultivation and maintenance of various microorganisms. Products are available in various quantities and formats for a wide range of applications.
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Baird-Parker Agar Base (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate and enumerate Staphylococcus aureus with selective and sensitive Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Baird-Parker Agar Base (Dehydrated). Baird Parker Agar Base contains carefully balanced selective inhibitory agents, glycine, lithium, and tellurite, to suppress the growth of most of the bacteria...

Triple Sugar Iron Agar (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Differentiate Enterobacteriaceae according to their ability to ferment lactose, sucrose, and glucose, and to produce hydrogen sulphide using Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Triple Sugar Iron Agar (Dehydrated).

MRS Broth (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate and enumerate lactic acid bacteria from food with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ MRS Agar (DeMan, Rogosa and Sharpe) (Dehydrated). This non-selective medium is designed to support profuse growth of lactic acid bacteria.

Giolitti-Cantoni Broth (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Selectively enrich Staphylococcus aureus from food and feedstuffs when following ISO 6888-3:2003 with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Giolitti-Cantoni Broth (Dehydrated) when used with sterile solution of Potassium tellurite (SR0030).

BiGGY Agar (Nickerson Medium) (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate and presumptively identify Candida species with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ BiGGY Agar (Nickerson Medium) (Dehydrated). BiGGY, Bismuth Sulphite Glucose Glycine Yeast Agar, is based on the formulation developed by Nickerson1 and is a highly selective medium inhibiting most of the competing...

Yersinia Selective Agar Base (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate and enumerate Yersinia enterocolitica from clinical specimens and food samples with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Yersinia Selective Agar Base (Dehydrated) when used with Yersinia Selective Supplement (SR0109).

Tergitol-7 Agar (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Enumerate and differentiate coliforms from water and food samples with selective Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Tergitol-7 Agar (Dehydrated) when used with TTC Solution Supplement (SR0148). Tergitol 7 inhibits Gram-positive organisms allowing superior recovery of coliforms.

Aeromonas Medium Base (Ryan) (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate Aeromonas hydrophila from clinical and environmental specimens with selective, diagnostic Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Aeromonas Medium Base (Ryan) (Dehydrated) when used with Ampicillin Selective Supplement (SR0136).

Oxoid™ MacConkey Broth Purple Tablets Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid MacConkey Broth Purple Tablets is a differential medium containing BCP for the detection of coliform microorganisms in water and milk.

Cary-Blair Transport Medium (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Simplify collection, transport, and maintenance of clinical specimens based on the formulation of Cary and Blair1 with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Cary-Blair Transport Medium (Dehydrated). The low nutrient content of the medium and the use of phosphate as buffering agent prevents bacterial overgrowth...

Cetrimide Agar (USP, EP) (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Selectively isolate and differentiate Pseudomonas aeruginosa from a range of samples using Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Cetrimide Agar (USP, EP) (Dehydrated). The medium contains magnesium chloride and potassium sulphate for improved pigment production and recovery of Pseudomonas aeruginosa while...

Wilkins-Chalgren Anaerobe Broth (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Isolate, cultivate and/or carry out susceptibility testing of a wide variety of anaerobic organisms from clinical samples with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Wilkins-Chalgren Anaerobe Blood Agar (Dehydrated). Wilkins-Chalgren Anaerobe Broth supports the luxuriant growth of anaerobic organisms.

Tinsdale Agar Base (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Identify and isolate Corynebacterium diphtheriae from respiratory samples with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Tinsdale Agar Base (Dehydrated) when used with Tinsdale Supplement (SR0065). Tinsdale Agar Base and supplement are based on Billings1 modification of Tinsdale’s2 Medium which improved the...

Brilliance™ E. coli/Coliform Medium (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Differentiate Escherichia coli and other coliform organisms in cultures produced from food and environmental samples with chromogenic Thermo Scientific™ Brilliance™ E. coli/Coliform Medium (Dehydrated). The medium uses two chromogens to differentiate between Escherichia coli and other coliforms.

Tryptone Bile X-Glucuronide (TBX) Medium (Dehydrated) Thermo Scientific™

Detect and enumerate Escherichia coli in food and animal feed samples with Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ Typtone Bile X-Glucuronide (TBX) Medium (Dehydrated). The medium meets the formulation and performance criterion laid down in ISO 166491, 2, 3 and ISO 11133:20144.