Nucleic Acid Labeling and Detection

Nucleic Acid Labeling and Detection

These products include DNA and RNA assay kits, chemiluminescent EMSA kits, biotin-labeled nucleic acid probes, and fluorescent nucleic probes to label and detect nucleic acids.
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Qubit™ dsDNA Quantification Assay Kits Invitrogen™

Achieve accurate and precise quantification of dsDNA with Qubit dsDNA Assay Kits. These dsDNA quantification kits enable quick and selective detection of low and high abundance DNA samples, and can distinguish dsDNA from ssDNA, RNA, protein, and free nucleotides.

Qubit™ ssDNA Assay Kit Invitrogen™

Achieve single-stranded DNA quantification using the Qubit ssDNA Assay Kit with any fluorometer or plate reader. Simply dilute the reagent using the buffer provided, add your sample, and read the concentration using a Qubit or other fluorometer.

Qubit™ RNA High Sensitivity (HS), Broad Range (BR), and Extended Range (XR) Assay Kits Invitrogen™

Achieve accurate and precise quantification of RNA with Qubit RNA HS, BR, and XR Assay Kits. These RNA quantification kits enable quick and selective detection of low and high abundance RNA samples, and can distinguish RNA from DNA, protein, and free nucleotides.

Quant-iT™ dsDNA Assay Kits, high sensitivity (HS) and broad range (BR) Invitrogen™

Perform dsDNA quantification easily and quickly with Quant-iT dsDNA assay kits. Both the Quant-iT High-Sensitivity dsDNA Assay Kit and the Quant-iT Broad-Range dsDNA Assay Kit provide concentrated assay reagent, dilution buffer, and pre-diluted DNA standards.

Chemiluminescent Nucleic Acid Detection Module Kit Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific Pierce Chemiluminescent Nucleic Acid Detection Module is a complete system for detection of biotin-labeled nucleic acid probes in various membrane blotting applications. Nearly any DNA or RNA method based on nitrocellulose or nylon membranes and biotinylated probes can be...

BioNick™ DNA Labeling System Invitrogen™

The BioNick™ DNA Labeling System is ideal for generating biotinylated DNA probes by nick translation optimized for use in non-radioactive in situ hybridizations. These probes can also be used in Southern or northern blots, plaque lifts, colony hybridizations, and dot blot hybridizations.

TaqMan™ Non-coding RNA Assay Applied Biosystems™ Green features

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Noncoding RNA assays are used for quantitative real-time PCR analysis of RNA expression and consist of a pair of unlabeled PCR primers and a TaqMan probe with a dye label (FAM) on the 5’ end and a minor groove binder (MGB) and nonfluorescent quencher (NFQ) on the 3’ end.

Oncomine™ Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assay Ion Torrent™

The Oncomine Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assay is part of a complete solution to detect multiple targets in tumor-derived DNA and RNA isolated from the plasma fraction of whole blood. The assay provides the reagents and a single pool of multiplex PCR primers for preparation of an amplicon library from...

LightShift™ Poly (dI-dC) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific LightShift Poly(dI-dC) can be used as competitor for nonspecific DNA binding proteins. More Product Data • Transfer EMSA gels using the Pierce G2 Fast Blotter Related Products LightShift™ Chemiluminescent EMSA Kit LightShift™ EMSA Optimization and Control Kit

Quant-iT™ OliGreen™ ssDNA Assay Kit and Quant-iT OliGreen ssDNA Reagent Invitrogen™

Quantify ssDNA with ease using the Quant-iT OliGreen ssDNA Assay kit and reagent. This assay kit and reagent enable sensitive quantitation of single-stranded DNA without the need for a highly concentrated sample.

ARES™ Alexa Fluor™ 488 DNA Labeling Kit Invitrogen™

The ARES™ Alexa Fluor™ DNA Labeling Kit provides a versatile, two-step method for labeling DNA with our Alexa Fluor™ dyes. In the first step, an amine-modified nucleotide is incorporated into DNA using conventional enzymatic labeling methods.

FluoReporter™ Blue Fluorometric dsDNA Quantitation Kit, 200-2,000 assays Invitrogen™

The FluoReporter™ Blue Fluorometric dsDNA Quantitation Kit provides the protocols and reagents for analyzing cellular NA with the blue-fluorescent Hoechst 33258 nucleic acid stain. With this kit, quantitation of cellular DNA is rapid, and all manipulations can be carried out in microplate wells.

Click-iT™ Nascent RNA Capture Kit, for gene expression analysis Invitrogen™ Green features

The Click-iT™ Nascent RNA Capture Kit, uses our proprietary Click-iT™ chemistry to capture with high efficiency and sensitivity newly minted RNAs. By the Click-iT™ approach studies on high resolution analysis of gene regulation can be performed along with RNA regulation, RNA stability, RNA...

Nick Translation System Invitrogen™

The Nick Translation System is ideal for both radioactive and non-radioactive labeling of DNA. The Nick Translation System: • Provides five pre-mixed nucleotide solutions for flexibility in labeled nucleotide incorporation • Yields >108 cpm/μg control DNA using [ - 32 P]-dCTP • Labels 1 μg of DNA in...

FISH Tag™ DNA Multicolor Kit, Alexa Fluor™ dye combination Invitrogen™

The FISH Tag™ DNA Multicolor Kit provides a complete workflow solution for fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) applications. Each kit provides all of the reagents needed for probe synthesis, labeling, and purification, as well as for imaging the labeled specimen.