Desalting Columns

Desalting Columns

Disposable/reusable size-exclusion chromatography columns packed with a porous matrix that allows unwanted salts and other small molecules to be removed from a sample due to their size. Desalting columns are often used to purify proteins and nucleic acids.
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Zeba™ Desalting Chromatography Cartridges, 7K MWCO, 5 mL Thermo Scientific™

Rapidly desalt protein and biological samples for manual or automated liquid chromatography (LC) with Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin Desalting columns, plates, and cartridges, which enable ≥95% retention of salts and other small molecular contaminants (<1,000 Da).

Pierce™ Dextran Desalting Columns, 5K MWCO, 5 mL Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Pierce Dextran Desalting Columns are ready-to-use, disposable, gel-filtration columns for separating proteins and other macromolecules from low molecular-weight buffer salts and reagents.

Pierce™ Polyacrylamide Desalting Columns, 1.8K MWCO, 5 mL Thermo Scientific™

Pierce 1.8K MWCO Polyacrylamide Desalting Columns are pre-packed with porous polyacrylamide beads and provide for buffer-exchange and desalting of proteins and other macromolecular samples based on a molecular-weight cutoff (MWCO) of 1800.

Pierce™ Polyacrylamide Spin Desalting Columns, 7K MWCO, 0.7 mL Thermo Scientific™

Desalting and buffer exchange are two of the most widely used applications in resin filtration chromatography. Thermo Scientific Pierce Polyacrylamide Spin Desalting Columns, 7K MWCO (molecular-weight cutoff), are ready-to-use, disposable, gel-filtration columns for the separation of proteins and...

Zeba™ Spin Desalting Plates, 40K MWCO, 4 Plates Thermo Scientific™

The new and enhanced Thermo Scientific Zeba Spin and Micro Spin Desalting columns and plates are specifically designed for efficient desalting and buffer exchanging proteins with a molecular weight >40 kDa and removing small molecules less than 2 kDa.

Zeba™ Dye and Biotin Removal Filter Plates, 96 well Thermo Scientific™

Quickly remove non-reacted fluorescent dyes, biotin, reducing agents, and crosslinkers from protein samples with a 7K MWCO in fewer than 15 minutes with Thermo Scientific Pierce Zeba Dye and Biotin Removal columns and filter plates.