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Classroom microscope slide sets are products and supplies used for lessons and activities relating to microscopy. Products are suitable for various educational settings.
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Neurite Outgrowth Staining Kit Invitrogen™

The Molecular Probes® Neurite Outgrowth Staining Kit allows for quick and simple measurement of neurite outgrowth and cell viability in the same sample. It includes three fluorescent dyes: a cell viability indicator, a cell membrane stain, and a background suppression reagent.

Alexa Fluor™ 350 Protein Labeling Kit Invitrogen™

The Alexa Fluor 350 Protein Labeling Kit provides the materials needed to conveniently label an antibody or protein with amine-reactive blue fluorescent Alexa Fluor 350 dye (ex/em 346/442 nm). This kit is optimized for labeling 1 mg of IgG antibody per reaction with Alexa Fluor 350.

BacMam LRRK2 D1994A Reagent Invitrogen™

BacMam LRRK2 D1994A Reagent is a modified insect cell virus (baculovirus) that enables easy, efficient, and titratable overexpression of full-length D1994A LRRK2 (kinase-dead LRRK2 mutant) in your choice of cellular background, including primary neurons and neuroblastoma cell lines.

Alexa Fluor™ 430 NHS Ester (Succinimidyl Ester) Invitrogen™

Alexa Fluor® 430 is a bright, green-fluorescent dye. Used for stable signal generation in imaging and flow cytometry, Alexa Fluor® 430 dye is water soluble and pH-insensitive from pH 4 to pH 10. In addition to reactive dye formulations, we offer Alexa Fluor® 430 dye conjugated to a variety of...