Materials Testing Instruments

Materials Testing Instruments

Materials testing instruments are designed for detecting, measuring, and testing various properties of a wide range of materials. Products are suitable for various materials applications and include measurement and control systems, gauges, meters, and accessories.
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Gauges for Aluminum Rolling Mills Thermo Scientific™

Aluminum is commonly used in everyday products from automobiles to building materials to beverage cans. But aluminum production is actually very complex and requires highly technical solutions to ensure the finished material meets precise specifications.

Beta Plus™ Basis Weight Transmission Sensor Thermo Scientific™

Save on raw materials, reduce scrap, improve yields, and produce higher quality products. The Thermo Scientific™ Beta Plus™ Basis Weight Transmission Sensor provides accurate on-line basis weight measurements for a variety of web gauging processing applications.

Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process Lines Thermo Scientific™

Accurate thickness measurement of process-line steel ensures the finished products have specific mechanical properties. Thermo Scientific™ Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Cold Rolling and Process Lines provide reliable, noncontact thickness measurement of flat sheet metal in every type of processing...

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Coating and Converting Thermo Scientific™

Whether for an adhesive coating or a barrier coating on paper, foil or film, uniform product thickness and the ability to produce flat rolls is critical for coated product manufacturers. The Thermo Scientific™ IPlus!

APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Feel confident you are protecting your brand with the compact, flexible Thermo Scientific™ APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector. Designed with increased sensitivity, the APEX 300 metal detector is small, easy-to-install and can be customized to fit your drop through, pipeline and check weighing needs.

SC 4000 Oil and Lubricant Film Gauge Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ SC 4000 portable oil film and lubricant measurement system has been discontinued. Service and spare parts for this product will continue until March 2015. If you have any service needs, please contact service using the link on the right hand side of this page.

APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Confidently protect your products from common metal contaminants found in food production with the cost-effective Thermo Scientific™ APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector. Using the same industry-leading, high-performance magnetic, electronics and software technology that’s found in the Thermo...

APEX Upgrade Thermo Scientific™

Improve food safety with the most up to date metal detection equipment. Now you can breathe new life into your old metal detector with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX Upgrade. The APEX Upgrade provides a cost effective migration path for older metal detectors, offering new features, improved performance...

Non-contact Metallic Coating Gauges Thermo Scientific™

Galvanized sheet is a value added steel product consumed in a wide variety of end uses, from automobiles to building products. Steel producers are challenged to provide high quality, uniform coatings while optimizing their production processes.

Noncontact Thickness Gauges for Hot Plate Lines Thermo Scientific™

The RM 200 EG Plate Thickness Gauge has been discontinued. Service and spare parts for the RM 200 EG will continue until 2022. If you have any service requirements, please contact our service team.

Sarasota Gas Density Meters--FD900, ID900 and PD900 Thermo Scientific™

Reliably measure density or density related variables in the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries with Thermo Scientific™ Sarasota Gas Density Meters. These meters offer near real-time control signal availability and ensure plant efficiency and vitality.

PROSIS™ Infrared Process Analysis Thickness Sensor Thermo Scientific™

Producers of plastic films, extrusion coatings, blown films, and nonwovens can get accurate thickness and moisture data, improve product quality, and precisely control raw material use with an easily-calibrated infrared gauge.

Non-contact Oil Thickness Gauge Thermo Scientific™

Lubrication oils are commonly used to ensure that the surface of metal sheet behaves consistently during stamping and punching operations. Without a thin layer of lubricant on the metal, the sheet may tear, heat up too much, or cause the punch press to jam.

IPlus! Measurement and Control System for Nonwovens Thermo Scientific™

Nonwoven manufacturing processes must be carefully controlled to ensure that the fabrics are resilient, liquid repellant, and leakproof. Now you can overcome process challenges and produce high performance nonwoven fabric products with the Thermo Scientific™ IPlus!

Non-contact Paint Thickness Gauges Thermo Scientific™

Modern coil coating lines produce a wide variety of products for white goods, building products, electrical transformers and other consumer and industrial applications. Optimizing yield requires not just changing paint and coating rolls, but efficiently controlling the coating to the target...
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