Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial Metal Detectors

Industrial metal detectors are designed to detect metal in a wide range of settings and applications, including food production and pharmaceutical environments.
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Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Overcome the limitations of fixed single or dual frequency metal detectors with the Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ Multiscan Metal Detector. By scanning up to five user-selectable frequencies running at a time, the Sentinel provides unmatched sensitivity and the highest probability of finding ferrous,...

Sentinel Multiscan and Selectscan Metal Detectors

The Thermo Scientific™ Sentinel™ family of metal detectors provide high sensitivity detection performance to increase the probability of finding ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metal contaminants in food, beverage and other products.

APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Confidently protect your products from common metal contaminants found in food production with the cost-effective Thermo Scientific™ APEX 100 Entry Level Metal Detector. Using the same industry-leading, high-performance magnetic, electronics and software technology that’s found in the Thermo...

APEX 500 Rx Pharmaceutical Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Achieve cost-effective, industry-leading sensitivity in the most demanding pharmaceutical environments while meeting the U.S. Federal Drug Administration's (FDA) stringent requirements for validated production with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX 500 Rx Pharmaceutical Metal Detector.

Conveyors for Metal Detectors Thermo Scientific™

Enhance the functionality of your Sentinel and APEX metal detectors with conveyors that are easy to configure, install, and service. Thermo Scientific™ Quickfit™ Metal Detector Conveyors are suitable for most food packaging and bulk flow metal detection applications.

APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector Thermo Scientific™

Feel confident you are protecting your brand with the compact, flexible Thermo Scientific™ APEX 300 Flexible Metal Detector. Designed with increased sensitivity, the APEX 300 metal detector is small, easy-to-install and can be customized to fit your drop through, pipeline and check weighing needs.

APEX Upgrade Thermo Scientific™

Improve food safety with the most up to date metal detection equipment. Now you can breathe new life into your old metal detector with the Thermo Scientific™ APEX Upgrade. The APEX Upgrade provides a cost effective migration path for older metal detectors, offering new features, improved performance...