Flow Cytometry Compensation, Counting and Calibration

Reagents and kits for flow cytometer instrument calibration, sample compensation beads and kits, cell counting standards, and other reagents needed to set your instrument up.
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Alignflow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads for Blue Lasers, 2.5 µm Invitrogen™

Molecular Probes™ AlignFlow™ flow cytometry alignment beads are reliable references for aligning, focusing, and calibrating flow cytometers.The 2.5 µm Alignflow™ Flow Cytometry Alignment Beads for Blue Lasers are fluorescent-dye infused microspheres that are excitable at 488 nm with emission in the...

AbC™ Anti-Mouse Bead Kit Invitrogen™

The AbC™ Anti-Mouse Antibody Compensation Bead Kit provides a consistent, accurate, and simple-to-use technique for the setting of flow cytometry compensation when using fluorochrome-conjugated mouse antibodies with any laser in flow cytometry.

AccuCheck Counting Beads Invitrogen™

AccuCheck Counting Beads are an efficient single-platform method for absolute cell counts that combines the advantages of direct flow cytometric immunophenotyping with the use of two different fluorescent beads (A and B beads).

123count eBeads™ Counting Beads Invitrogen™

123count eBeads are intended for use in absolute counting of cells or other particles by flow cytometry. These are 7 μm microparticles containing encapsulated dyes compatible with blue (488 nm) and violet (405 nm) excitation sources and emitting fluorescence between approximately 500 nm and 750 nm.

eBioscience™ Fixation/Permeabilization Concentrate Invitrogen™

The Fixation/Permeabilization Concentrate is intended to be used with antibodies to transcription factors and nuclear proteins, such as Foxp3 and Ki-67, as well as cytokines and chemokines. This must be used in combination with the Fixation/Permeabilization Diluent (cat.

eBioscience™ Permeabilization Buffer (10X) Invitrogen™

The Permeabilization Buffer (10X), in conjunction with the Intracellular (IC) Fixation Buffer (cat. 00-8222) or Foxp3 Transcription Factor Fixation/Permeabilization Concentrate and Diluent (cat. 00-5521), can be used to fix and permeabilize cells prior to performing intracellular staining of...

eBioscience™ Mouse Cytokine Positive Control Cells Invitrogen™

The Mouse Cytokine Positive Control Cells are recommended for use as positive control cells when establishing an intracellular cytokine staining protocol. Mouse splenocytes were stimulated with ConA (3 µg/mL) for two days, followed by recombinant IL-2 (20 ng/mL) and IL-4 (20 ng/mL) for three days.

Super Bright Complete Staining Buffer, eBioscience Invitrogen™

Super Bright Complete Staining Buffer, eBioscience, is designed for use as a supplement to Flow Cytometry Staining Buffer in immunofluorescent staining protocols of cells in suspension. Super Bright Complete Staining Buffer is only necessary when using more than one polymer dye-conjugated antibody...
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