LAMP and Other Isothermal Amplification Technologies

LAMP and Other Isothermal Amplification Technologies

Isothermal amplification covers multiple technologies, including loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP), that are used to amplify nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) exponentially at constant temperature, eliminating the need for thermocycler equipment. Isothermal amplification techniques are suitable for detecting various pathogens from environment, plants, human and animal samples.
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SuperScript™ IV RT-LAMP Master Mix Invitrogen™

Invitrogen SuperScript IV RT-LAMP Master Mix is a ready-to-use solution optimized for fast, sensitive, and simple RNA target detection in loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) reactions. With this convenient master mix formulation, you can perform isothermal amplification from both RNA or...

Colorimetric ReadiLAMP™ Kit, SARS-CoV-2 Invitrogen™

The Invitrogen Colorimetric ReadiLAMP Kit for SARS-CoV-2 is a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)-based solution for rapid SARS-CoV-2 detection in saliva and nasopharyngeal/nasal swab samples. This kit offers two protocol options.

Lyo-ready Bst DNA Polymerase (40 U/μL) Invitrogen™

Invitrogen Lyo-ready Bst DNA Polymerase is a proprietary mutant of Bst DNA polymerase, large fragment, with a fast reaction speed, increased sensitivity, and increased tolerance to inhibitors. By retaining strong strand-displacement activity, this enzyme helps enable highly efficient isothermal...

Bsm DNA Polymerase, large fragment (8 U/µL) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Bsm DNA Polymerase, Large Fragment, is equivalent to Bst DNA polymerase, which catalyzes 5' → 3' synthesis of DNA and lacks 5' → 3' and 3' → 5' exonuclease activities. Sourced from E.

EquiPhi29™ DNA Polymerase Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific EquiPhi29 DNA Polymerase is a proprietary phi29 DNA Polymerase mutant developed through in vitro protein evolution. This enzyme is significantly improved over phi29 DNA Polymerase in protein thermostability, reaction speed, product yield, and amplification bias, while retaining all...

phi29 DNA Polymerase (10 U/µL) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific phi29 DNA Polymerase is a highly processive polymerase featuring strong strand displacement activity, which allows for highly efficient isothermal DNA amplification. Produced from E. coli cells with a cloned gene 2 of Bacillus subtilis phage phi29, phi29 DNA Polymerase possesses...

EquiPhi29™ DNA Polymerase Reaction Buffer (10X) Thermo Scientific™

This reaction buffer is for use with EquiPhi29 DNA Polymerase. Buffer is included with purchase of the polymerase, but additional buffer is made available here to help accommodate experimental needs.

Reaction Buffer for phi29 DNA Polymerase (10X) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific 10X Buffer for phi29 DNA Polymerase is the optimal buffer recommended for use with highly processive phi29 DNA polymerase.