Additional Cell Culture Reagents and Supplements

Additional Cell Culture Reagents and Supplements

Reagents designed to encourage the growth and expansion of specific cell lines and support analytical cellular and cell-associated analyses.
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GlutaMAX™ Supplement Gibco™

Gibco™ GlutaMAX™ Supplement is an alternative to L-glutamine, with increased stability that improves cell health. GlutaMAX™ Supplement is suitable for both adherent and suspension culture of mammalian cells, with no adaptation required.

Chemically Defined Lipid Concentrate Gibco™

Insect cell culture tested. Chemically Defined Lipid Concentrate is a concentrated lipid emulsion designed to reduce or replace fetal bovine serum in cell culture media for a wide variety of applications, including growth and maintenance of CHO, hybridoma, and insect cells in culture; monoclonal...

B-27™ Supplement (50X), minus vitamin A Gibco™

A variation of the most cited neuronal cell culture supplement, B-27 Supplement Minus Vitamin A is a customized version of the original B-27 Supplement without vitamin A (retinyl acetate). B-27 Supplement Minus Vitamin A is a serum-free supplement ideal for the cultivation of neural progenitor and...

Anti-Clumping Agent Gibco™

GIBCO™ Anti-Clumping Agent is a concentrated liquid reagent that reduces cell clumping to assist in attaining higher viable cell densities in suspension culture. Anti-Clumping Agent is a gentle, animal origin-free, chemically defined formulation that contains no proteins, enzymes, hydrolysates, or...

2-Mercaptoethanol Gibco™

Gibco™ 2-Mercaptoethanol (also known as beta-mercaptoethanol or BME) is a potent reducing agent used in cell culture media to prevent toxic levels of oxygen radicals. 2-Mercaptoethanol is not stable in solution, so most protocols require daily supplementation.

eBioscience™ Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Solution (500X) Invitrogen™

The Lipoploysaccharide (LPS) Solution (500X) is a ready to use solution of LPS from Escherichia coli 026:B6 in aqueous solution. LPS is a major component of the cell wall of gram negative bacteria. It is highly immunogenic and strongly activates immune cells bearing the CD14/TLR4/MD2 receptor...

Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium (ITS -G) (100X) Gibco™

Gibco™ Insulin-Transferrin-Selenium (ITS-G) is used as a basal medium supplement in order to reduce the amount of fetal bovine serum (FBS) needed to culture cells. Originally used with RPMI 1640 and Minimum Essential Medium (MEM), ITS-G solution is now routinely used with other basal media to...

Sodium Pyruvate (100 mM) Gibco™

Sodium pyruvate is commonly added to cell culture media as a carbon source in addition to glucose. Since cells make sodium pyruvate as an intermediate metabolite in the glycolysis pathway, it is not a required supplement for all cell cultures.

Image-iT™ Red Hypoxia Reagent Invitrogen™

Image-iT™ Red Hypoxia Reagent is a novel fluorogenic compound for measuring hypoxia in live cells. It is non-fluorescent when live cells are in an environment with normal oxygen concentrations and becomes fluorescent when oxygen levels are decreased.

HT Supplement (100X) Gibco™

Gibco™ HT Supplement is a liquid mixture of sodium hypoxanthine (10 mM) and thymidine (1.6 mM). HT-supplemented medium is suitable for post-selection rescue to overcome the effects of residual intracellular aminopterin.

Insulin, human recombinant, zinc solution Gibco™

4 mg/ml Potency: (dry basis) >= 27 USP units/mg. Suggested range for supplementation: 2 to 20 µg/ml.

Primary Hepatocyte Maintenance Supplements Gibco™

Hepatocyte Maintenance Supplement Packs allow you to supplement up to 500 ml of Williams Medium E without phenol red (or suitable alternative basal medium) for the purpose of incubating hepatocytes in suspension or plated cultures.

MEM Amino Acids Solution (50X) Gibco™

Gibco™ MEM Amino Acids Solution is used as a growth supplement for cell culture medium, to increase cell growth and viability. Gibco™ MEM Amino Acids Solution is formulated to contain 50X the essential amino acids (except L-glutamine) found in the standard Minimum Essential Medium (MEM).

B-27™ Supplement, XenoFree Gibco™

B-27 Supplement XenoFree is based on the classic B-27 Supplement formulation and contains no animal-derived components at the primary component level. Designed with the translational stem cell researcher in mind, B-27 Supplement XenoFree can be used to support induction of human neural stem cells...

Gurr Buffer Tablets Gibco™

Gibco Gurr Buffer Tablets offer a convenient way to prepare a pH 6.8 phosphate buffer for dilution of Giemsa stain used in G-banding of chromosomes for cytogenetic analysis. Simply add one buffer tablet to 100 mL of distilled water and stir until dissolved.