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Normal Rabbit Serum (Invitrogen™)

Normal Rabbit Serum Control for Ctrl

BOVIGAM™ Tuberculin PPD Stimulating Antigen, bovine (30,000 I.U./mL)

Bovine Tuberculin PPD is used for sensitive and specific BOVIGAM® stimulation. PPD is added to the blood sample to stimulate blood lymphocytes to produce IFN-γ.

Phalloidin, DyLight 488 (Invitrogen™)

Phalloidin Control for IF, ICC, IHC

Mouse IgG F(ab')2 Isotype Control (Invitrogen™)

Mouse IgG F(ab')2 Isotype Control for IF, ICC, IHC, BLOCK, Ctrl

Normal Rabbit Serum (Invitrogen™)

Normal rabbit serum.

Human IgG Isotype Control, HRP (Invitrogen™)

Human IgG Isotype Control for BLOCK, Ctrl

Mouse IgG Isotype Control, FITC (Invitrogen™)

Mouse IgG Isotype Control for IF, ICC, IHC, BLOCK, Ctrl

BOVIGAM™ PC-EC Stimulating Antigen (lyophilized)

This is a tuberculin peptide cocktail based on the AHVLA ESAT-6 and CFP-10 antigens, for highest specificity in stimulation for BOVIGAM® products. It is ideal for bovine tuberculosis monitoring purposes.

Human IgM Isotype Control (Invitrogen™)

Human IgM Isotype Control for IF, ICC, IHC, BLOCK, Ctrl

Phalloidin, DyLight 594 (Invitrogen™)

Phalloidin Control for IF, ICC, IHC

LSI™ Internal Reference BVD/BD—Antigen

Internal reference antigen for use with Ag capture ELISA.

For veterinary use only.

Regulatory requirements vary by country; products may not be available in your geographic area.

Biological hazard safety

WARNING! BIOHAZARD. Biological samples such as tissues, body fluids, infectious agents, and blood of humans and other animals have the potential to transmit infectious diseases. All work should be conducted in properly equipped facilities using the appropriate safety equipment (for example, physical containment devices). Safety equipment also may include items for personal protection, such as gloves, coats, gowns, shoe covers, boots, respirators, face shields, safety glasses, or goggles. Individuals should be trained according to applicable regulatory and company/institution requirements before working with potentially biohazardous materials. Follow all applicable local, state/provincial, and/or national regulations. The following references provide general guidelines when handling biological samples in laboratory environment.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), 5th Edition, HHS Publication No. (CDC) 21-1112, Revised December 2009

World Health Organization, Laboratory Biosafety Manual, 3rd Edition, WHO/CDS/CSR/LYO/2004.11

Rabbit IgG Isotype Control (Invitrogen™)

Rabbit IgG Isotype Control for IF, ICC, IHC, BLOCK, Ctrl

Normal Goat Serum (Invitrogen™)

Normal Goat Serum Control for Ctrl

Phalloidin, DyLight 550 (Invitrogen™)

Phalloidin Control for IF, ICC, IHC

Normal Mouse Serum (Invitrogen™)

Normal Mouse Serum Control for Ctrl