Additional Uv-Vis And Vis Accessories

Toluene in Hexane Solution Standard Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ traceable Toluene in Hexane Solution Standard ensures accurate wavelength and absorbance results by verifying spectrophotometer resolution.

SPECTRONIC™ 200 Spectrophotometer Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Accessories for Thermo Scientific™ SPECTRONIC 200 Spectrophotometer

Stray Light Standards Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ NIST™ traceable standards verify spectrophotometer stray light specification.

Evolution™ Fiber Optic Couplers Thermo Scientific™

Maintain the integrity of your samples and add remote sampling capabilities to your laboratory with support for fiber optic probes. Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Fiber Optic Couplers, for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Spectrophotometers, allow you to measure your samples with one of our fiber optic probes or with any third-party probe equipped with standard SMA connectors. The probe brings the light to any sample container, so you don't waste time bringing the sample to the instrument in a cuvette or test tube.

Evolution™ Mercury Lamp Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Mercury Lamp accessories provides instrument calibration and automated performance testing for the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Series UV-Visible spectrophotometers. Test performance of wavelength accuracy, wavelength repeatability and bandwidth accuracy using the extremely narrow emission lines of mercury. These emission lines are fundamental, primary standards that require no certification or recalibration, saving you time and money.

NanoDrop™ Lite Printer Accessory Thermo Scientific™

Use the Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ Lite Printer, an optional printer docking station, with your NanoDrop Lite spectrophotometer.

Evolution™ Peltier Thermostatting Accessories Thermo Scientific™

Temperature control and sample stirring are important for many UV-Visible analysis methods. Peltier thermostatted accessories outperform traditional heater/chiller units to deliver superior performance with compact integrated design, simple set-up, and fast, precise temperature control. Thermo Scientific™ Peltier Accessories for the Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ 200 Series and Evolution 350 UV-Vis Spectrophotometers provide thermostatting and ramping with precise temperature control between 0 °C and 110 °C.

Evolution™ Fiber Optic Probes Thermo Scientific™

Preserve sample integrity while minimizing sample carryover. Thermo Scientific™ Evolution™ Fiber Optic Probes let you bring the spectrophotometer to the sample. Choose the VERSA probe for measurements in larger containers or solutions that attack stainless steel. Choose the Micro-Probe for measurement of small volumes or in small containers. Both are designed for use in small containers such as PCR and centrifuge tubes commonly used in biological applications.

Calibration Validation Carousels Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Performance Verification Standards, Automated (CVC) will ensure the accuracy and reliability of your data while saving time and money. The CVC provides certified reference materials in a fully automated confirguration for hands-free performance verification of your Thermo Scientific™ spectrophotometer.

Holmium and Didymium Glass Standards Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Wavelength Calibration Filter Sets consist of Holmium and Didymium solid filters traceable to international standards.

Single-cell sample holders for GENESYS™ and BioMate™ 160 Spectrophotometers Thermo Scientific™

Make the most of every sample. Accessories for Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ UV-Vis spectrophotometers are designed to enable you to work smarter, not harder. We offer a wide variety of options to meet your measurment requirments. Cable-free, snap-in design allows for easy exchange of accessories.

We provide single-cell solutions for measuring different types of samples.

Holmium Oxide Solution Verification Standard Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific NIST™-traceable Holmium Oxide Solution Standard verifies wavelength accuracy of UV-Visible spectrophotometers.

Potassium Dichromate Solution Standard, Set of 2 Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Potassium Dichromate Solution Standards are NIST-traceable for qualifying instrument performance. Qualify your spectrophotometer's performance with NIST-traceable Thermo Scientific Potassium Dichromate Solution Standards for photometric accuracy.

SPECTRONIC™ Spectrophotometer Standards Thermo Scientific™

Check the performance and accuracy of your spectrophotometer right in your own laboratory using the Thermo Scientific™ SPECTRONIC Standards. This kit is as easy to use as a standard cuvette and contains: 


  • Calibrated neutral density glass standards for checking photometric accuracy at nominal values of 0.3A, 0.5A, 1A and 1.5A
  • Calibrated standard for checking wavelength accuracy at nominal wavelengths on 400nm, 522nm and 777nm
  • Filter for checking stray light in UV-Vis instruments at 220nm
  • Filter for checking stray light in Vis instruments at 400nm


SPECTRONIC™ Thermal Printer for SPECTRONIC 200 Thermo Scientific™

External Thermal Printer for SPECTRONIC 200/200E