C30 Reversed Phase Hplc Columns

Acclaim™ C30 HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

For separations of hydrophobic, structurally related isomers, Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ C30 LC reversed-phase columns provide superior results. The covalent modification of C30 alkyl silane on ultrapure, spherical, porous silica gel gives these columns high shape selectivity. They are fully compatible with various aqueous buffers, useful for a broad application range of analytes, and offer more flexibility in method development.

Accucore™ C30 HPLC Columns Thermo Scientific™

Achieve fast, high-resolution separations of hydrophobic, long-chain compounds using Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ C30 LC columns. Rugged 2.6µm solid-core particles enable fast, high-resolution separations at low backpressures. The C30 stationary phase offers unique shape selectivity for structurally related isomers and is compatible with highly aqueous mobile phases. Robust bonding technology and automated packing procedures ensure excellent reproducibility and long column lifetimes.