Chloride Detection

Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Detect chloride in real time with accurate and reliable results using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzer. Early detection of chloride ingress from feedwater helps your plant maintain the optimal balance of water purification and peace of mind.

Orion™ 2117LL Low-Level Chloride Analyzer Thermo Scientific™

Get continuous online monitoring and control of steam cycle and boiler chemistry with the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2117LL Low-Level Chloride Analyzer, for use with power generation applications requiring chloride measurement at trace levels.

Kits and Accessories for Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzers Thermo Scientific™

Keep chloride analyzers well-supplied and ready for use with the Thermo Scientific™ Kits and Accessories for Orion™ 2117XP Chloride Analyzers. Choose from the reagent-less consumables kit, reagent bottle adapter, chloride calibration kit or electrode kit.