Cryopreservation Systems

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Locator 6 Rack and Box System Thermo Scientific™

Economically store up to 6,000 samples in this cryogenic storage system that makes sample retrieval simple and consumes minimum liquid nitrogen.

Thermo Series Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels Thermo Scientific™

Store and dispense small amounts of liquid nitrogen with our economical and durable Thermo Scientific™ Thermo Series Liquid Nitrogen Transfer Vessels. The Thermo Series includes six models with capacities from 5 to 32 L.

LN2 Supply Tanks Thermo Scientific™

Transport cryogenic industrial gases with Thermo Scientific™ LN2 Supply tanks, which are designed to be both durable and user-friendly.

Bio-Cane™ Cane and Canister Systems Thermo Scientific™

Store cells, tissues and biologicals in an economical and biological manner with Thermo Scientific™ Bio-Cane™ Cane and Canister Systems. Available in four sizes, the system can safely hold samples for up to seven months without replenishing LN2.

Locator™ Plus Rack and Box Systems Thermo Scientific™

Economically store up to 6,000 samples in the Thermo Scientific™ Locator™ Plus Rack and Box System that makes sample retrieval simple and consumes minimum liquid nitrogen. This indexed system is available with or without ultrasonic level monitor.

CryoExtra™ High-Efficiency Cryogenic Storage Systems Thermo Scientific™

Designed for both liquid and vapor phase storage, the Thermo Scientific™ CryoExtra™ Series features automated temperature monitoring and microprocessor-based LN2 level control, providing peace-of-mind for valuable samples.

CryoPlus™ Storage Systems Thermo Scientific™

Increase valuable laboratory storage space with Thermo Scientific™ CryoPlus™ Storage Systems, which store up to 38,500 vials (2.0 mL). The ideal combination of liquid nitrogen, storage reliability and microprocessor technology, the CryoPlus Series LN2 Storage System provides precise and accurate...

Arctic Express™ Transport Systems Thermo Scientific™

Ensure optimal safety and security using Thermo Scientific™ Arctic Express™ Transport Systems — ideal for shipping infectious materials or biological samples at cryogenic temperature. These shippers feature a range of capabilities that ensure the highest safety and security of valuable samples as...

Arctic Express™ Cryogenic Shippers with Datalogger Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Arctic Express™ cryogenic shippers are designed to ensure the maintenance of sample integrity when movement of your samples is required. Arctic Express shippers come available with a built-in 21CFR, part 11 compliant datalogger, providing you with additional peace of mind that...

Thermo-Flask™ Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers Thermo Scientific™

Maximize coolant retention with light-weight Thermo Scientific™ Thermo-Flask™ Benchtop Liquid Nitrogen Containers, which contain inner vessels of borosilicate and are perfect for everyday cryogenic storage use.

Arctic Express™ Dual Storage Systems Thermo Scientific™

Protect nonhazardous samples during shipment and storage using Thermo Scientific™ Arctic Express™ Storage Systems. Featuring excellent flexibility and safety features, these systems can be used as dry shippers or laboratory cryo vessels.