Dosimetry Readers

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Harshaw TLD Model 5500 Readers Thermo Scientific™

Get near-tissue equivalent thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) performance with a high-capacity reader for all types of TLD elements and health physics applications. The Thermo Scientific™ HARSHAW TLD Model 5500 Automatic Reader provides unattended operation for up to 50 dosimeters and accommodates TL chips, disks, rods and cubes in a broad variety of sizes. This reader is suitable for all kinds of applications that require TLD detectors. Clinical applications are: Radiotherapy planning verification, total body irradiation dose verification, critical organ dose verification, diagnostic dose studies including CT, and many others where measurement quality assurance is critical.

Harshaw TLD™ Model 3500 Manual Readers Thermo Scientific™

Thermoluminescence (TL) technology is commonly used in medicine, such as in radiation therapy for dose measurement on the skin and within the body to assess treatment and ensure that safe radiation levels are maintained. The Thermo Scientific™ HARSHAW TLD™ Model 3500 Manual Reader provides manual readout of TL chips, disks, rods and cubes in a broad variety of sizes. This reader is suitable for all kinds of applications that require thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) detectors. Due to planchet heating, this versatile model is able to read powders, an essential feature for food testing and analysis. 

Turnstile with ACU Reader Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Turnstile with ACU Reader is a one-way electrically controlled turnstile designed for access control applications.

Infrared optical link to the Thermo Scientific™ EPD unit operates automatically when an EPD is presented to the optical port.

ADU2 Area Display Unit Thermo Scientific™

Be sure your employees always know their radiation exposure levels with a high quality visual display and warning system. The Thermo Scientific™ ADU2 Area Display Unit is a powerful ALARA tool useful in nuclear power plants, medical facilities, and almost any health physics application. Whether connected to electronic personal dosimeters or to another type of external detector such as continuous air monitors, the ADU2 Area Display Monitor provides a high quality visual display along with a variety of intelligent control functions to ensure visible and audible alarm notification at the source.

Harshaw TLD™ Model 4500 Manual Reader Thermo Scientific™

A scalable dosimetry solution for small- or medium-capacity applications in radiation protection, medical research and high-range dosimetry. The Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD™ Model 4500 Manual Reader is a versatile start-up or add-on system that easily integrates into existing TLD systems with minimal training or investment. This dual thermoluminescent (TL) dosimetry reader and workstation connects via a serial interface to an external PC which provides control over the setup, time-temperature profiles (TTPs), analysis and data recording. Additional applications packages are available.

Harshaw TLD™ Model 6600 Plus Automated Reader Instrument Thermo Scientific™

Save processing time with an all-in-one dosimetry solution suitable for medical, nuclear, research, and other health physic applications. The Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw TLD™ Model 6600 Plus Automated Reader Instrument is a versatile medium capacity system for whole body, extremity, neutron and environmental monitoring. With no requirement for a separate extremity system, the Harshaw Model 6600 Plus reader offers significant labor and cost savings with enhanced dosimetry performance. Built-in automatic dosimeter calibration capability puts you in control of your system by letting you decide when to recalibrate.

ACU Access Control Reader with IR Optical Link Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Access Control Reader with Infrared Optical Link is used for door or turnstile control, links to any Thermo Scientific™ EPD variant when EPD unit is presented to the optical port.

Has a serial interface for control to site databases.

Harshaw TLD™ Model 8800 Plus Automatic Card Reader Instruments Thermo Scientific™

Successfully manage large scale thermoluminescence dosimetry (TLD) lab operations with an automated solution to monitor every employee. The Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ TLD Model 8800 Plus Automatic Card Reader provides high-capacity evaluation of whole body, neutron and environmental TLD cards and extremity dosimeters on carrier cards. Designed for large facilities requiring high-volume personnel monitoring, the field-proven Harshaw TLD Model 8800 Plus system reads a carousel containing up to 1400 four-element cards at 140 cards per hour. A unique chain-of-custody tracks and maintains records.

ER3 EPD Reader Thermo Scientific™

Read and store critical dose information in any environment where radiation exposure may be an issue, including medical, nuclear, research, and other health physic applications, with the Thermo Scientific™ ER3 EPD Reader. The ER3 EPD reader works with the Thermo Scientific™ EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter, the EPD MK2+ dosimeter, and EPD N2 dosimeters and provides an interface between the EPD, user and an access control system. The ER3 EPD reader is available as a wall mounted version or as an exit reader mounted inside a personnel contamination monitor.