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AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Provide an early warning to workers exposed to potential airborne releases of beta-emitting particulates when using Thermo Scientific™ AMS-4 Beta Air Monitor. Lightweight and robust design accommodates both fixed and portable use applications.

RMS-3 Digital Area Monitors Thermo Scientific™

This product has been discontinued. For an alternative, please see FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms.

FHT 59 Si Alpha/Beta-Aerosol Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Be maintenance-free using Thermo Scientific™ FHT 59 Si Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitor. It features easy systems integration and long-term operation. It measures aerosol-bound artificial alpha and beta activity concentration using a semiconductor detector.

FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms Thermo Scientific™

Nuclear facilities need accurate, reliable, sustained early warning of radiation leaks. The Thermo Scientific™ FHT 6020 Area Monitor Display and Alarms offers maximum reliability for permanent operation within nuclear facilities or environmental networks with up to 16 measurement channels that can process and display data from Thermo Scientific intelligent dose rate probes, FH 40 G series probes as well as analog or digital input. All channels can be operated simultaneously, along with audible and visible alarms, to measure and assess the level of gamma and neutron radiation.

RAP (Regulated Air Pumps) Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ RAP (Regulated Air Pump) is a compact, portable system containing an oil-free vacuum pump, motor and airflow regulator. It is ideal for collecting sampling media onto filters, or pulling airborne gases through active sampling systems, for radiological detection applications.

FHT 59 C Aerosol Monitor with Automatic Filter Thermo Scientific™

Easily transport the Thermo Scientific™ FHT 59 C Aerosol Monitor. It is a highly reliable system that endures continuous remote operation. It is ideal for collecting and simultaneously measuring the radioactive components in the environment or in stack effluents; also ideal for temporary installations due to its lightweight design.

FHT 192 Ionization Chambers Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 192 is a wide-range ionization chamber for high-precision ambient equivalent dose rate measurements. Ideal for connecting to either the FHT 6020 area monitor or the FH 40 G survey meter for measurements at high energy accelerators or X-ray sources.

ALPHA-7A Alpha Air Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ ALPHA-7A Air Monitor is designed to provide early warning to workers exposed to airborne releases of alpha-emitting radionuclides.

Modern, PC-based continuous air monitor provides faster, more powerful algorithms for the identification and quantification of airborne releases of alpha-emitting radionuclides, primarily transuranics such as 238Pu and 239Pu.

FHZ 691-10 Dose Rate Detector Thermo Scientific™

Detect even the smallest amounts of artificial radioactivity with a high sensitivity scintillation detector. The Thermo Scientific™ FHZ 691-10 probe is specially suited to detect dose rate increases as small as 3 percent at normal background within a measuring time of one minute. Using the Natural Background Rejection (NBR) algorithm, this low dose rate detector easily differentiates between artificial parts of radiation and fluctuations in the natural dose rate (e.g. caused by precipitation) in the surrounding environment.

FHT 1702 Iodine Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Inspect for gaseous iodine activity virtually anywhere in the nuclear power plant with the Thermo Scientific™ FHT 1702 Iodine Monitor. Designed for various air contamination monitoring applications as well as for immission and emission measurements, the FHT device monitors gaseous iodine activity from first measurement to present activity concentration. Depending on the measuring application, the total iodine activity can be detected. A second energy window with thresholds above and below the iodine window measures the background count rate (trapezoid method) in parallel to the sampling.

FHT 63 D Tritium Noble Gas Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 63 D Tritium Noble Gas Monitor is used to continuously monitor tritium in workplace or effluent air.

The counting gas and the sample air are blended and measured inside a triple proportional counter tube.

MDS Mobile Detection Systems Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific™ MDS Mobile Detection System is a mobile radiation reconnaissance system designed to operate in a vehicle for use on the ground or in airspace. It is for use around or in airspace to discover/map the location of artificial radiation sources or survey large areas of contamination.

FHT 3511 Positron Stack Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 3511 Positron Stack Monitor is a stack monitoring detector designed specifically for positron emitters (PET effluents) for indoor and outdoor use. A unique stack monitor using coincidence counting and large area plastic scintillation detector to ensure excellent geometrical efficiency and reduced sensitivity to ambient gamma radiation.

FHT 59 E Noble Gas Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 59 E Noble Gas Monitor offers continuous measurement of beta-emitting noble gases taken from air sampling. Used in workplace or stack emissions monitoring systems; provides direct read-out of measured values in physical units of Bq/m3. Sampled air is drawn through a measuring vessel, the emitted radiation detected by two large area proportional counter tubes configured in a sandwich-style layout.

FHT 59 S Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitor Thermo Scientific™

TheThermo Scientific™ FHT 59 S Alpha/Beta Aerosol Monitor features easy systems integration and maintenance-free long-term operation. Continuously monitors aerosol-bound artificial beta activity concentration in air or effluent gas.

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