Falling Ball Viscometers

Gilmont™ Falling-ball Viscometer, Size No. 3 Thermo Scientific™

Gilmont™ Falling-ball Viscometers offer a simple, accurate, low cost, absolute method for measuring viscosity of clear fluids up to 200cp. Easier to use than capillary type, and less expensive than rotating/sensor electronic-based devices.

HAAKE™ Falling Ball Viscometer C Thermo Scientific™

Measure viscosity precisely using only a stop watch and no power connection with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Falling Ball Viscometer C.

The measuring accuracy of the HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer C is among the highest available in any type of viscometer, particularly when supported with the precise temperature control of a circulator. It provides accurate measurement of the viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases. The HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer C also meets the requirements of the German DIN 53015 and ISO 12058 standard, and it is accepted as an official reference instrument.