Hplc Column And Solvent Filters

Replacement Filters for Unifilter Direct-Connection/ColumnPlus Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Replacement Filters for Unifilter Direct-Connection/ColumnPlus are offered as particle size 0.5μm.

Unifilter Direct-Connection Filter System Components Thermo Scientific™

Minimize downtime. Thermo Scientific™ Unifilter Direct-Connection Filter System Components are easily replaced.

Uniguard™ Direct-Connection Guard Cartridge Holders Thermo Scientific™

Eliminate the requirement for extra fittings using Thermo Scientific™ Uniguard Direct-Connection Guard Cartridge Holders. They are reusable, stainless-steel guard cartridge holders that attach directly to the analytical column inlet.

Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters Thermo Scientific™

Protect your HPLC system from contamination with Thermo Scientific™ Bottom-of-the-Bottle™ Solvent Filters. The flat design ensures efficient draw. They are made from 100% PEEK polymer and include two 10µm filters. A helium sparge port and frit are incorporated for optional use.

Javelin™ Direct-Connection Column Filters Thermo Scientific™

Protect HPLC systems with one-piece Thermo Scientific™ Javelin Direct-Connection Column Filters.

Pierce™ Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Pierce Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis is ideal for a wide variety of applications where complete digestion of nucleic acids is needed when preparing cell lysates.

Features of Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis:

Broad spectrum—degrades all forms of DNA and RNA
Highest-quality enzyme—nuclease is ≥99% pure, as tested by SDS-PAGE
Robust activity—100-fold greater specific activity than DNase I
Versatile—can be used with a wide variety of cell lysis reagents

Pierce Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis is a genetically engineered endonuclease from Serratia marcescens. The enzyme is produced and purified from E. coli and consists of two identical 30-kDa subunits with two critical disulfide bonds. This indiscriminate endonuclease degrades single-stranded, double-stranded, linear and circular DNA and RNA and is effective over a wide range of temperatures and pH. This enzyme has high specific activity (100-fold greater than DNase I) and increased thermal stability compared to other nucleases. Pierce Universal Nuclease is ≥99 pure enzyme, is free of any measurable protease activity and is supplied at 250U/µL. Pierce Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis is identical in performance to Benzonase™ Nuclease (EMD Merck).

• Use with B-PER, Y-PER or other commercial or homebrew cell lysis reagents and/or mechanical disruption to reduce viscosity in protein extracts
• Remove DNA and RNA from recombinant protein preparations prior to downstream processing

Pierce Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis is commonly used to reduce the viscosity of bacterial and mammalian protein extracts for downstream application by removing the nucleic acids from protein preparations. The enzyme completely digests nucleic acids to oligonucleotides that are less than 5 bases long. Pierce Universal Nuclease for Cell Lysis helps to improve the separation of the lysate pellet from the supernatant, enhances filtration of the treated lysate, improves chromatography processing time and increases the overall protein yield. The endonuclease has also been shown to improve the compatibility of protein extracts for 2D gel electrophoresis. One unit corresponds to the amount of enzyme required to produce a change of 1.0 in the absorbance at 260nm of sonicated Herring DNA over 30 minutes at 37°C, as determined using standard nuclease from the Merck™ Serratia marcescens volumetric activity assay.

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Slide-A-Lyzer™ MINI Dialysis Device, 3.5K MWCO, 0.5 mL Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Devices, 3.5K MWCO are disposable polypropylene cups with integrated, low-binding membranes for dialysis and high recovery of proteins and macromolecules >3.5kDa in volumes from 10 µL to 2 mL.

Features of Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Device, 3.5K MWCO, 0.5 mL:

Three convenient sizes – dialysis devices for 0.1, 0.5 and 2 mL samples fit standard 1.5 mL-micro centrifuge, 15 mL- and 50 mL-conical tubes, respectively
Excellent sample recoveries – low-binding plastic and small membrane surface area minimize sample loss compared to filtration and resin systems
One-step protocol – pipette sample into the MINI Device and place in tube containing the dialysis buffer; no laborious assembly, device preparation or expensive equipment are required
100% leak-tested – innovative design does not permit "wicking" that can occur in home-made devices
Time savings – performs desalting of nucleic acids and proteins (>95% recovery) in less than 15 minutes, which improves sample resolution, quantification and conjugation

These 3.5K MWCO dialysis devices are available in three sizes (0.1, 0.5 and 2 mL capacities), and are designed to allow easy sample addition and removal using a standard laboratory pipette. The MINI Devices are effective and convenient for accomplishing typical sample desalting or buffer exchange in 4 to 8 hours. Unlike other small sample separation devices, there is no equipment to assemble, no need for syringe adapters and no laborious steps necessary to manipulate the small volume sample. The regenerated cellulose membrane is compatible with a number of common chemicals and buffers.

Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Devices were developed as a convenient means for dialysing small-volume samples of nucleic acids and proteins without undue sample loss. Low molecular weight contaminant removal, buffer exchange, desalting, equilibrium dialysis, micro conjugation reactions, and concentration can be accomplished with these devices. Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Devices are manufactured in a HEPA filter/clean environment and auto-bagged after assembly to ensure that they are free of contaminants and ready to use.

The 0.5 mL and 2 mL MINI Dialysis Devices fit in and are capped by inserting them into the included 15 mL and 50 mL conical tubes, respectively. The tubes can be securely placed in standard laboratory racks or shakers; this feature saves space, minimizes the risk of spills or contamination, and eliminates the need for floats or large beakers of buffer. Using these MINI Dialysis Devices, low molecular weight contaminant removal, buffer exchange and desalting, can be accomplished within 4 to 8 hours with efficiencies, rates, and recoveries very similar to conventional dialysis using a large dialysate volume (view data).

The 0.1 mL MINI Dialysis Devices are designed to be capped (caps included) and inserted into standard 1.5 mL micro centrifuge tubes. Alternatively, as many as 25 MINI Devices can be placed in a Slide-A-Lyzer MINI Dialysis Device Float for dialysis of multiple inside a large beaker. Using the 0.1 mL MINI Device, 100 µL of pH 2.8 glycine buffer can be equilibrated to 1 liter of pH 9.4 bicarbonate buffer in less than 10 minutes.

As with all dialysis applications, the observed rate of dialysis for each sample used with these devices depends on a variety of factors including membrane to sample volume, temperature and agitation rates; as well as the molecular weight, shape, degree of hydration, and charge of the molecules passing through the membranes and the pH, ionic strength, and solvent characteristic of the buffers being used.

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