Liquid Flowmeters

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Width (Metric) Cover

Width (Metric) NEMA 4X

AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter Thermo Scientific™

Simplify maintenance and minimize capital expenses with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoMITTER PRO™ Smart Multi-Variable Transmitter. Featuring a single board design that eliminates the need for separate transmitters, it is built for highly accurate volumetric rate calculations. This 3-in-1 device integrates seamlessly with Thermo Scientific™ gas flow computers to measure differential pressure, static pressure and temperature.

STD5000 and STD6000 Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transducers Thermo Scientific™

Ensure reliable signal conversion in the most demanding industrial environments with Thermo Scientific™ STD5000 and STD6000 Current-to-Pressure (I/P) Transducers. Setting the standard in the industry for electronic input signal conversion, these transducers ensure accuracy, reliability and ease-of-use to facilitate operations and increase productivity.

AutoPILOT PRO™Multi-Run Hydrocarbon Flow Computer Thermo Scientific™

Easily integrate the Thermo Scientific™ AutoPILOT PRO™ Multi-Run Hydrocarbon Flow Computer into corporate networks to facilitate data access by office-based staff. The next-generation AutoPILOT PRO is designed to scale from a simple, single run measurement application to six runs with full station control.

Built on an innovative, field-proven technology platform, it expands easily with no upgrades required. Simply add input/output (I/O) as needed to meet changing measurement and control requirements while keeping capital expenses down. It is accurate, easy-to-use and features full USB support.

Ramsey™ DTR 131 Flow/No-Flow Detector Thermo Scientific™

This product has been discontinued (effective June 1, 2017). We will offer technical support and service support as allowed by parts availability.

AutoPILOT PRO™ XL Six-Run Expandable EFM/RTU Thermo Scientific™

Simplify installation for high point-count systems with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoPILOT PRO™ XL Six-Run Expandable EFM/RTU, featuring a completely integrated wire management system.

This comprehensive unit offers full CSA/US Class I, Div 2 certification for use in hazardous locations. All wiring harnesses and termination blocks are also fully tested and factory warranted, ensuring superior reliability. By eliminating third party termination boxes as well as third party personnel expenses, the AutoPILOT PRO™ XL unit ensures greater cost control.

AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer Thermo Scientific™

Increase productivity and efficiency using the Thermo Scientific™ AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer. It is the industry's first flow computer that measures natural gas and petroleum liquids simultaneously. This rugged, easy-to-use system calculates flow at a rate of up to 10 times per second on four to 32 runs to reduce capital expenditures.