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Accucore™ PFP Reversed Phase HPLC Column, 2.6 μm, 4.6 mm x 150 mm Thermo Scientific™

Improve LC separations of halogenated compounds and nonhalogenated polar analytes using Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ PFP LC columns. Rugged 2.6µm solid-core particles enable fast, high-resolution separations at low backpressures.

Hypersil GOLD™ PFP Reversed Phase HPLC Column, 5 μm, 4.6 mm x 250 mm Thermo Scientific™

Analyze difficult-to-resolve mixtures of halogenated compounds and non-halogenated polar compounds with Thermo Scientific™ Hypersil GOLD™ PFP (pentafluorophenyl) HPLC columns. These columns provide an alternative selectivity to C18 columns in reversed phase applications with excellent peak shape and...