Photometry Test Kits For Water And Soil Analysis

Gallery™ System Reagents for Environmental and Industrial Analysis Thermo Scientific™

Save time by eliminating reagent preparation with the Thermo Scientific™ Gallery™ system reagents for environmental testing, such as water (clean water, wastewater, soil and sludge digests, effluents, and saline) and industrial (process water) analysis. With over 40 ready-to-use gallery system reagents for environmental analysis, the kits include 1 to 3 reagents in 20mL barcoded vials, allowing the necessary identification data, such as lot and expiration date, to be read automatically by the discrete analyzer's barcode reader. Automated dilutions make it possible to apply methods for a wide range of analyte concentrations and the test applications are based on recommended standard water and wastewater methods used in most countries. Save time and reduce errors by simplifying your analysis with the Gallery™ system reagents for environmental analysis.