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RIIDEye™ X/M Series Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifiers Thermo Scientific™

Whether you are evaluating water or soil sample or searching for materials that could make a dirty bomb, it’s critical to know the exact isotope of the radioactive material in order to assess the potential threat and quickly initiate a plan of action. The Thermo Scientific™ RIIDEye™ X and RIIDEye M Handheld Radioisotope Identifiers, with patented Quadratic Compression Conversion (QCC) technology, are well suited to support users from homeland security operations to contamination monitoring and remediation, with the industry’s fastest, most accurate and easy to use RIID.

Mini 900 Scintillation Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Mini 900 Scintillation Monitor serves as a portable or benchtop style radiation counter.

A variety of different probes to accommodate most radiation detection needs.

RadEye™ AB100 Alpha-Beta Contamination Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Daily monitoring for radiation exposure is standard regulatory procedure in hospitals, nuclear facilities, military and civil defense outfits and other industries that work with sources of radiation. Safeguard your employees and ensure a secure work environment with the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ AB100 Alpha-Beta Contamination Monitor. The RadEye AB100 monitor detects alpha/beta surface contamination in a range of environments using versatile operation modes so employees never risk exceeding exposure limits.

Mini 900 Contamination and Radiation Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Mini 900 Contamination and Radiation Monitors serve as a portable or benchtop style radiation counter available with a variety of different probes. These designs are particularly attractive for industrial hygiene applications; well established, reliable, convenient and inexpensive radiation meter.

FH 40 Lab-1 Mobile Radiation Laboratory Thermo Scientific™

Reduce the loss of time in cases of emergency for detecting radioactive contamination using Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 Lab-1 Mobile Laboratory. It offers rapid response to radiological emergencies, providing on-site measurement and analysis of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. It serves as an effective supplement to the multipurpose radiameter FH40G for first responder task forces. Already in service with the German civil defense authorities, the FH 40 Lab-1 is able to respond rapidly to radiological emergencies.

FHT 3031 CCM Conveyor Belt Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ FHT 3031 CCM Conveyor Belt Monitor quickly and reliably checks large quantities of material for possible contamination using the Cobalt Coincidence Method (CCM). It is ideal for refurbishing or dismantling older nuclear facilities to ascertain whether materials may be released as ordinary scrap or as waste.

RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors Thermo Scientific™

Detect and identify radiation on location or from miles away with the highly-sensitive Thermo Scientific™ RadHalo™ RDP and FM Spectroscopic Area Monitors. RadHalo rapid deployment probes (RDP) and fixed monitors (FM) deliver high precision gamma and neutron radiation measurements and real-time data collection across a wide range of environments and radiation dose rate levels. For nuclear power and associated emergency response personnel, the RadHalo instruments’ remote monitoring and turn-key data reachback telemetry capabilities eliminate the need to place personnel in risky environments.

FHT 111 CONTAMAT Contamination Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Easily use Thermo Scientific™ FHT 111 CONTAMAT Contamination Monitor. It is a classic “work horse” for the measurement of surface contamination with alpha, beta and gamma isotopes. It is an ideal tool for surface detection in many industries around the world. It is quick and has an extensive memory.