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Vari-Mix™ and Speci-Mix™ Test Tube Rockers Thermo Scientific™

Obtain uniform specimen suspension with the smooth rocking action of Thermo Scientific™ Vari-Mix™ and Speci-Mix™ Test Tube Rockers. Compact and precision-controlled platform mixers, all models hold 10 to 30mm diameter tubes and are ideal for blood collection tubes.

Digital Rockers Thermo Scientific™

Digital display with big platform, accurate speed control and quick angle adjustment for easy sample agitation

General Power Adapters for Rockers, Rotators and Mixers Thermo Scientific™

General power adapter for use with rockers, rotators, mixers, which offer accurate and efficient sample mixing

Bottle/Tube Roller Thermo Scientific™

The sleek compact design is capable of rolling multiple size tubes or bottles, features digital controlled speed ranging from 1- 80rpm, and is safe to use in CO2 and/or humid environments. Maximize valuable bench or incubator space by stacking two high with the optional stacking kit. Control without disturbing incubating samples with the optional remote control, which also adds a timer function when used.  Includes O Rings to ensure smooth rolling when using tubes.

Accessories for Digital Rockers and Waving Rotators Thermo Scientific™

Assorted rubberized accessories for use with Digital Rockers and Digital Waving Rotators

Vari-Mix™ Platform Rocker Thermo Scientific™

Utilize the steep angle rocking of the Thermo Scientific™ Vari-Mix™ Platform Rocker for applications such as hybridization, blotting and staining or destaining gels. Variable speed control provides a gentle to vigorous wave motion. The built-in timer makes it easy to perform time-dependent studies.