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Samco™ SW-3000 24-hour Urine Collection Containers, 3000mL, with bilingual instruction sticker Thermo Scientific™ Green features

Alleviate mess and exposure when handling urine collection and sampling with the Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ 24-hour Urine Collection product line. Thermo Scientific Samco SW-3000 containers are amber tinted to protect from light exposure and are inert to normal preservatives.

Samco™ UrineGARD™ Urine Collection Container, 24-hour specimen containers, 3500mL Thermo Scientific™ Green features

Prevent light exposure by using Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ UrineGUARD™ Urine Collection Containers. The Samco 24-hour Urine Collection product line alleviates mess and exposure when handling urine collection and sampling. Containers are inert to normal preservative.