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Color-coded Sample Alert Labels, Short Holding Time Thermo Scientific™

Increase the safety and efficiency of sample handling and identification with Thermo Scientific™ Color-Coded Sample Alert Labels. Each label is color-coded with the chemical preservative type for quick reference and safe handling. Sticks securely to plastic or glass sample containers.

Custody Seals, 1 x 7 in. Thermo Scientific™

Provide complete chain-of-custody and tamper evidence for samples from the point of collection to lab receipt. Thermo Scientific™ Custody Seal adhesive stickers securely seal your sample bottle and cannot be peeled off. The only way to open the sealed bottle is to break the paper label.

5G Terra Core Soil Sampler Thermo Scientific™

Save time with this no fuss, no mess disposable transfer tool. Thermo Scientific™ 5G Terra Core Soil Sampler is a cost effective tool for soil sampling as described in USEPA SW-846 Method 5035. The Terra Core soil sampler delivers an approximate 5g sample quickly and conveniently into a 40mL VOA...