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Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoule with 2mL concentrated Sulfuric Acid Thermo Scientific™

Save the time and tedium associated with diluting and aliquoting chemicals for environmental sample preservation by using pre-mixed Thermo Scientific™ Chemical Preservative Glass Ampoules. Our pre-formulated and aliquoted glass ampoules are ready for field use.

Chemically-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers, 40mL amber septa vial with 0.5mL 1:1 HCL Thermo Scientific™

Simplify field preservation with Thermo Scientific™ Chemically-Preserved Environmental Sample Containers and enjoy peace of mind as well as convenience. Using certified containers and chemicals reduces the risk of container and preservative contamination.

Vialservatives™ Chemical Preservative with 2.0mL concentrated Sulfuric Acid Thermo Scientific™

Simplify field preservation while minimizing chemical handling and potential exposure with Thermo Scientific™ Vialservatives—pre-formulated and aliquoted re-sealable threaded vials. Ready for field use, Vialservatives make proper preservation at the point of sample collection convenient and safer...