Slide Stainers

Lab Vision™ PT Module Thermo Scientific™

Simultaneously perform dewaxing and antigen retrieval on slides prior to immunohistochemical staining with the Thermo Scientific™ PT Module, the benchmark for simplification, standardization and consistency of antigen retrieval procedures in IHC.

Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer Thermo Scientific™

Improve throughput with the popular Thermo Scientific™ Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer, the ultimate multitasking stainer with a footprint small enough to place exactly where it is needed for optimal laboratory workflow.

Manual Staining Station, Manual staining station Thermo Scientific™

Ideal for unique staining needs, frozen sections or special stains, Thermo Scientific™ Manual Staining Station uses the same staining troughs and slide baskets as the Varistain™ Gemini stainer.