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FH 40 G Multi-Purpose Digital Survey Meter Thermo Scientific™

Serve multiple radiation detection applications with one versatile instrument. The Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 G is a wide range digital Geiger counter suitable for nearly all measurement tasks arising in radiation protection through optional plug and play probes available for neutron measurement, alpha and beta contamination readings and even to detect artificial gamma radiation in variable natural radiation fields.

Lutetium Test Adapters Thermo Scientific™

Get reliable performance verification of your radiation detection equipment without the inconsistencies of conventional check sources. From beta contamination probes through gamma scintillators to high resolution detectors, Thermo Scientific™ Lutetium Test Adapters provide reliable results without half life correction, transport or decay/disposal issues. These innovative test adapters use high-purity natural lutetium oxide to produce a totally constant and homogeneous surface emission rate with well-defined, reproducible results, regardless of variances in the lutetium-oxide ceramics.

Micro Rem/Sievert Tissue-Equivalent Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Micro Rem/Sievert Tissue-Equivalent Survey Meter is ideal in applications where accurate dose rate measurements of low radiation levels are required.

Absorbed dose rate directly read so no conversion from mR/h (or mSv/h) is required.

RadEye™ G Series Personal Dose Rate Meters Thermo Scientific™

Continuously monitor your radiation exposure in any nuclear or radiological emergency. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ G Series of personal radiation detectors provide first responders with quick, reliable gamma and dose rate measurements. These light-weight, handheld Geiger counters detect and measure very low gamma energies; even the smallest change in radiation rates are displayed immediately, while coincidentally occurring fluctuations are suppressed. For hazmat teams investigating potentially explosive atmospheres, intrinsically safe RadEye G models meet the latest ATEX standards.

RadEye™ X Series Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

Be prepared for virtually any radiation contamination scenario. The Thermo Scientific™ Radeye™ X Series Survey Meters comprise three different types of compact, multi-purpose survey meters suited for a wide range of applications where personnel risk radiation exposure, whether they are emergency responders, fire fighters, nuclear power plant employees, or medical professionals. RadEye X Series Survey Meters can operate with virtually any manufacturer's Geiger-Mueller, scintillation or proportional detectors to perform general count rate, surface contamination and dose rate measurements.

RadEye™ NBR High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor Thermo Scientific™

First responders must quickly identify radioactive material and discriminate between natural and artificial gamma radiation during active search missions. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ NBR (Natural Background Rejection) High Sensitivity Gamma Radiation Monitor discriminates between natural and artifical gamma radiation in seconds. The RadEye NBR detector identifies very small contributions of artificial gamma radiation despite large variations of the natural background during the search. Clear audible and visual alarms indicate radiation instantly even for shielded or remote gamma sources.

RadEye™ PRD/PRD-ER Personal Radiation Detector Thermo Scientific™

Detect and localize radiation sources generated by manmade devices such as nuclear weapons, improvised nuclear devices (INDs) or radiological dispersal devices (RDDs) with the Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ PRD Personal Radiation Detector. The RadEye PRD detector provides border guards, customs agents, special forces and counter terrorism teams with high-performance detection for any scenario. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ PRD-ER Personal Radiation Detector with extended range, is ideal for both interdiction and response.

RadEye™ GR Grapple Monitoring System Thermo Scientific™

In the metal recycling industry, discarded radioactive materials can seriously contaminate a shredder, baler, steel melt or bag house, resulting in significant clean-up costs and lost productivity. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ GR Grapple Monitoring System is a wireless radiation detection system designed to be installed on a grapple to monitor scrap metal while it is still in the scrap pile under the grapple. Even when radiation is highly attenuated, the RadEye GR system responds to shielded radioactive sources to stop them from making their way into the steel making process.

SmartION™ Digital Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ SmartION Digital Survey Meter is microcomputer based and features a sensitive 450cm3-capacity ion chamber.

Electrometer, based upon a low-leakage MOSFET operational amplifier, operates with minimal leakage and drift.

RadEye™ SPRD-GN Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

Get RIID capability in the palm of your hand. The Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ SPRD-GN Personal Radiation Detector is the first pager-sized PRD that significantly exceeds the original ANSI N42-48 2008 standards for neutron alarms. With outstanding neutron performance and reliable gamma IDs, the RadEye SPRD-GN Personal Radiation Detector may be the only radiation detection tool you will need.

RadEye™ B20 and B20-ER Multi-Purpose Survey Meters Thermo Scientific™

First responders need to quickly identify mixed radioactive surface contamination in facility and field environments. Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ B20 and B20-ER Multi-Purpose Survey Meters are simple, robust, reliable contamination and dose rate measurement tools for characterizing alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. RadEye B20 and B20-ER Multi-Purpose handheld Geiger counters provide an on-site solution for homeland security personnel, fire brigades, emergency response personnel, agencies involved in decontamination and decommissioning projects and hospital and pharmaceutical industry employees.


RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers Thermo Scientific™

Early warning of harmful nuclear materials is critical for first responder safety. Thermo Scientific™ RadEye™ GN and GN+ Gamma Neutron Pagers are highly sensitive radiation detection devices that warn of rising levels of gamma and neutron radiation and immediately classify the gamma source (NORM/non NORM). These small, lightweight units provide clear visual and audio alarms to help emergency services personnel locate radioactive materials in a variety of situations. They are also an excellent tool for expanding the surveillance area of stationary monitoring systems or to verify alarms of such systems.

Gross Gamma Food Monitor Thermo Scientific™

Thermo Scientific™ Gross Gamma Food Monitor with its NaI(TI) detector provides highly sensitive gamma measurement in a simple to use format. It is a portable solution for food monitoring application.

RadEye™ NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detectors Thermo Scientific™

Neutrons are used for material characterization in geological and geochemical sciences, material sciences and medical research. Personnel who work with neutron radiation need special instrumentation to monitor their radiation exposure and provide rapid warning of neutron radiation fields. The Thermo Scientific™ Radeye™ NL Personal Highly Sensitive Neutron Radiation Detectors complement passive and active neutron dosimeters and can be easily used by anyone working with industrial neutron sources, staff and inspectors of nuclear facilities, first responders and law enforcement officers.

FH 40 TG Telescopic Probes Thermo Scientific™

Measure dose and dose rate at a secure distance for all situations where an extended range is required or high radiation may occur with the Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 TG Telescopic Probe, which attaches to the Thermo Scientific™ FH 40 GL Digital Survey Meter.
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