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ALPS5000 Automated Plate Heat Sealer Thermo Scientific™

The Thermo Scientific ALPS5000 is the next generation in plate sealing equipment offering fast sealing times, increased process customization and all electric operation improving reliability and reducing noise.

ALPS 3000™ Automated Microplate Heat Sealer Thermo Scientific™

Quickly seal in heat with the Thermo Scientific™ ALPS 3000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer. This compact sealer is designed for optimal robotic integration in high throughput labs, yet still allows for manual benchtop control.

ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat Sealer Thermo Scientific™

Apply consistent, secure, tight seals around individual wells, eliminating sample loss through evaporation and cross contamination between wells. The Thermo Scientific™ ALPS™ 50 V Microplate Heat Sealer is designed to provide sealing consistency in low to medium throughput labs.