Anion Trap Columns

Dionex™ CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Remove ionic contaminants from eluents continuously without offline chemical regeneration using Dionex CR-TC Continuously Regenerated Trap columns.

Dionex™ IonPac™ ATC-HC and ATC-HC 500 Anion Trap Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Use this high capacity anion trap column to strip anionic contaminants from deionized water or RFIC-EG eluents to prevent them from reaching the guard or analytical column.

Dionex™ ATC Anion Trap Columns (Thermo Scientific™)

Remove trace anion contaminants from hydroxide or borate eluents with these low-efficiency anion-exchange trap columns.

Dionex™ Trap Column/Suppressor Cleanup Kit (Thermo Scientific™)

Regenerate and cleanup Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ IC trap columns and suppressors using this reagent delivery system kit.

Dionex™ IonPac™ Anion Analyte Trap Column (Thermo Scientific™)

The Thermo Scientific™ Dionex IonPac Anion Analyte Trap Column will remove all the analyte anions from a sample in RFIC systems with Eluent Regeneration.