Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing Instruments

Sensititre™ ARIS™ 2X ID/AST System (Thermo Scientific™)

Reduce workload and facilitate efficient workflow for incubating and reading susceptibility plates with this fully automated instrument.

Sensititre™ Vizion™ Digital MIC Viewing System (Thermo Scientific™)

Consolidate all offline testing on a single instrument, for maximum efficiency, with the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Vizion™ Digital MIC Viewing System.

Sensititre AIM™ Automated Inoculation Delivery System (Thermo Scientific™)

Quickly and accurately dose most 96-well microtitre plates, eliminating both skipped wells and costly repeat tests.

Sensititre™ Nephelometer (Thermo Scientific™)

Cost-effectively standardize inoculum density with the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ Nephelometer.

Sensititre™ OptiRead™ Automated Fluorometric Plate Reading System (Thermo Scientific™)

Maximize consistency and eliminate manual reading errors with fast, accurate microtitre plate reads using the Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ OptiRead™ System.